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10 Tips To Create An Effective & Captivating Caption On Your Business' Social Media Account

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Have you ever felt like having a writer's block when writing a caption for your business' social media account? Our Social Media Manager, Mazaya Pramudita, shares some secrets on how to write captivating and effective captions.

1. Use target language
To whom this upload is targeted? If your users are Indonesian citizen, use vocabularies from the local language. Foreign language is allowed, but only for addition or insertion.

2. Visually relevant
Write words that are relevant to the photo or image you upload. Give information that most users would like to know more than the visual.

3. Call to action
Create call-to-action words, or at least, invite the users to be active. For example, "comment if you have a different experience" or "go to our website on the bio to check our portfolio".

4. Describe the visual asset
Not only that the caption needs to be visually relevant, but you should also describe the uploaded photo or image. Tell the behind the scene's story if you show your project, or briefly elaborate about your new service in details.

5. Substantial and clear
There is no fixed formula on how many words a social media's caption should have to make an effective one. However, your caption should summarize all information clearly and substantially.

6. Add a full credit
In the wedding business, sharing related vendors is essential. When you tag or mention other vendor's account, you can also increase your exposure, as well as getting clients from a different market.

7. Use semi-formal language
A casual and interactive written language is not only easy to understand, but also make the users interested in knowing more about your products and services.

8. Use non-descriptive message some other times
To have a variation on your feed, you can quote a poem, a dialogue from a book/movie, or a public figure's quotes on the caption. However, limit the frequency so that your future clients are still able to get the information about your services.

9. Has a news value
Make sure that your caption consists of an informative message, such as why the project is special, or what benefits the couples can have if they use your service.

10. Use correct and proper grammar
Don't forget to follow the grammar rules of the targeted language. To make sure that your message well-received by the users, use accurate and appropriate writing.

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