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Advertise Your Wedding Business Easily and Effectively with Pay per Click

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Bridestory introduces Pay per Click (PPC) which will help wedding vendors to gain a better exposure. PPC lets your profile be highly visible to brides-to-be because its strategic layout. Moreover, you can adjust your own budget to activate this feature and only pay when your ad is clicked by users. It is unique because you are able to effectively market your products no matter how much you have set.

The benefits of PPC:

  1. Everyone is eligible to activate this feature, both members and non-members.
  2. Set your own budget and duration.
  3. Your profile is visible to Bridestory users who are as many as 100.000 users per month.

Use promo code PPCPROMO to receive a 10% discount for top-up credit. The promo code is available untul 30 September 2020 and only for the first 100 redeem from Indonesia vendors only. Below are the steps to activate PPC:

  1. Log in to Bridestory for Business, then click "Buy Packages".
  2. On "Buy Packages" page, choose tab "Pay per Click".
  3. On this page, you can learn the benefits and more information about the feature. After that, click "Try Now".
  4. Then, choose "Top Up Credit" or "Create Ads" to start activating the feature. The next steps are an illustration if you prefer to top up credits first.
  5. Choose the preferred amount, then click "Checkout".
  6. You will see a summary of your credits and the amount you need to pay. Next, choose "Continue to Payment" and follow the instructions until the payment is successful.
  7. You will be notified if your credits top-up is successful. Click the notification and you will be directed to Pay per Click dashboard. To create and manage an ad, choose "Manage Pay per Click".
  8. On this page, you can:
    • Manage the budget per click you wish. You can also view the average budget of other vendors with similar category with your business. The higher the budget, the higher visibility of your profile to the brides-to-be.
    • Manage the maximum daily budget based on your needs and preferences, limited or unlimited.
    • Set the publishing date of your ad or publish to now.
    • Next, click "Create an Ad".
  9. Congratulations! Your first ad has been created. After this, you can check the ad performance, such as how often it is visible, the amount of clicks, expenses, and how many leads from you future clients.

    You ad layout will be placed on:
    • Home.
    • Vendors List.
    • Vendors List per Kategori.
    • Other Vendors You Might Like.
  10. Other than your ad performance on Pay per Click page, you can alson enter Statistic page to view the details and to follow up your future clients. Check the terms and conditions here.
  11. Things to note:
    • Make sure you credit is enough for the published period in order to maintain your ad's visibility on Bridestory platform.
    • When your ad is unpublished, your credit will not be deducted.
    • When your ad is published, you can still deactivate and re-activate it based you business needs.

For more information about PPC, click this link.

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