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Home vs. office: Which one is suitable for your wedding business?

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For a lot of wedding vendors, sometimes it is difficult to decide whether to work at home or operate from a storefront. Having a home office makes working sounds less stressful but having a storefront gives a sense of success. So, which one should you have?

Before making any decision, we have listed a few things to be included in your consideration:

  1. Business activity
    Before deciding where you should work, first you have to know the size of your own wedding business. For starter, you can ask yourself these questions:
    - What does your wedding business provide? Product or service?
    - Do you work alone or with a partner?
    - Do you have any employee? If you do, how many are there?
    - How busy are you?
    - Do you need a lot of space to do your work?
    - How many inventories or equipments do you have?

  2. Personal activity
    Aside from your wedding business, you can also factor in your own needs. Some of the most common thoughts are:
    - Do you live in an apartment or a house?
    - Is there enough space to turn into a home office?
    - Do you have children?
    - Is this your full-time or part-time job?

Now that you have built a checklist, let's take a look at the benefits and disadvantages of having either a home office or a storefront to determine which one suits you and your business better.

Work at home
Fancy working from home? This option is ideal for vendors who have children, work on their own (e.g. Wedding stylists, wedding planners, florists, gifts and favours suppliers, and makeup artists), do not employ too many people, or do not have many equipments or large-sized inventories. For these vendors, other than meeting clients or fellow vendors, much of the job can be done from home.


  • Save on monthly rent
    It is liberating to not have to pay monthly rent. The cost of renting an office can be a big burden to your expenses and if you don't fully utilize the space it will simply be wasted money. If you are mostly mobile to meet clients, then we suggest you work at home or book a coworking space if you need to gather with a number of people. You can always allocate the money to scale your business instead.

  • More time for yourself
    Say hello to flexibility! Set your own working hours, work anywhere in or out of your house, have lunch date with your friends, and travel when you feel like it. These are just some of the perks you can find if you are self-employed and want to work at home.
  • More time with family
    For the working moms and dads, working at home means you can still make money while having time with your children. As the wedding scene can get very hectic, this may give a little peace of mind knowing you will miss less of your children's milestones (first roll over, first solid food, first footsteps, and many other firsts!). Don't fret if you don't immediately find the right working schedule, it will take many trial and errors but you will manage!


  • Unexpected distractions
    Do you feel like cleaning the kitchen first before opening your emails? Are the kids begging you to play with them? What about that urge to check your Snapchat, or have a power nap? There are unseen distractions that will keep you away from being productive at home, so always remember to be disciplined with yourself first!
  • Traditional perception
    There are still cases where home-based businesses are not regarded as professional. Reasons vary from the size of your business to your credibility. If you come across this situation, do not get too anxious about the future. Remember that there is a process for everything including building your brand, and that is why Bridestory is here for you. A few tips from us: Upload your works to your Bridestory profile, ask clients to leave their reviews, and connect your Bridestory profile to your Instagram account so they can view everything about you and get reassurance all at once.

  • Limited space
    Are you a florist with buckets of flowers at home? If you are living in a house, space may not be as much of a headache compared to if you are living in an apartment. However, in any case, you may end up creating a mess more than you could imagine. If you want to have a home office, we suggest you discuss it first with your family or spouse to avoid ending up in arguments about where to organize stuff or which ones to touch and not. Unfortunately, not everyone likes to see a messy home.

  • Procrastinate or work
    It is true that when you are at home you tend to lose your sense of timing. Either you procrastinate because the day feels longer and rush later or you will work, work, work, work, work because you love your job so much (or, simply very focused). In order to have work-life balance, make a daily agenda so you can check your progress around the clock.

Get an office
Having a storefront (studio or workshop) is suitable for wedding vendors who have to display their products, have a lot of employees, need spacious area for styling jobs and production, or keep a lot of inventories. Some of the vendors who should consider this option include bridal boutiques, designers, decorators, photographers, bakers, and catering suppliers.


  • Showcase product or service
    Having a storefront increases reliability because clients are able to see and touch your previous gown designs or witness your associate photographers taking pictures of another couple. Clients tend to feel less skeptical in the presence of other people on the job and in a professional situation.

  • Work-life balance
    The good thing about having a studio or workshop is you know exactly where to keep your work. Work stays at work and once you go home it is family time. It is easier to prioritize than if you are working at home because you are exposed to a work environment rather than the comfort of home.


  • High cost
    There is renovation, monthly rent, utility bills, employee salaries, transportation, and more money matters that you have to take care of once you decided to have a storefront. Count wisely to forecast how much revenue you need to make to become profitable and do not insist on renting a place on locations you cannot afford because you will only end up stressing yourself. As a business owner, remember that a happy wallet is a happy you too.
  • Commuting
    No more rolling out of bed and working in your PJs. If your studio or workshop is located in a dense area, add an extra time for traffic. Do not have a habit of coming late because it will become a bad influence for your employees and your own self-discipline.
  • Commitment & responsibilities
    Once you have a storefront, you cannot close it anytime you want to go for vacation or decide to not come to work because you feel lazy today. Having a storefront is like turning of age - you become an adult with more responsibilities and once you have committed to something you should to it. The only thing YOLO in your mind should be how to run your wedding business as good as possible because the chance is now or never.

Eventually, whether it is from home or a studio, where you work should enable you to have productive meeting sessions with your clients. This alone should be your decision-making goal.

So, are you working from home or do you have an office for your wedding business? Share your thoughts below!

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