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5 important things to remember before branding your business

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As a wedding vendor, you need to know that branding is more than just about creating a name for your business. In order to build a name, you need to have a proper branding first to create intangible values such as trust and satisfaction guarantee. When you've done branding right, you may not even have to introduce your business further because potential clients already know who you are, what you do, and what they can expect from you.

To check whether or not you have pulled the right branding strategies, read the list of questions we gathered to help you reexamine your wedding business.

What do you offer that others don't?
A client's dilemma is not knowing which vendor to choose after scouting so many in the market. In you branding effort, prioritize strategies to promote your unique value proposition. Do you hand-painted the invitation design? Do you put the guests at an awe with the many music instruments you play? If you know you have a competitive advantage in the wedding market, then be proud of it and brand yourself accordingly to emphasize the added value potential clients would get if they book your service.

Have you chosen the right client base?
Have you been targeting the wrong clients all along? You should know who is your target market with the services that you are offering. Do your homework and find out what type of clients would likely use your expertise. If you are a wedding planner, think about your price range to determine which couples would be able to afford you. Then, pick a promotion channel that can effectively reach these targeted couples so your brand resonates to a bigger pool of potential clients.

Do you have an 'emotional' brand?
When looking at a brand, your potential clients would likely ask "what is it, how would it make my dream wedding possible?" Your brand is more than just the logo, product, or even your name as the owner, it requires emotional value that makes potential clients relate with what you are trying to sell. Avoid giving stereotypical answers like "we are a bunch of photography enthusiasts that capture memories to last a lifetime". What does that really mean? Make it clear what you are aiming for as a wedding photographer and what they can expect from you. Think about breathing life into the still pictures and let your portfolio speak for your brand. After all, wedding is a celebration of emotions and emotion it is that your brand must portray.

Is there consistency in your brand?
Consistency makes a brand dependable and convincing because people recognise it is and what it does immediately. It's not only about the style, but also the kind of marketing that you do. If you have been making minimalistic wedding cakes (think about plain white cake with hand-painted flowers and sugar adornment), make sure your marketing efforts align with your minimalistic theme. This way potential clients can identify you easily and you will also receive more quality leads thus increasing your own efficiency. So, if you think you haven't found the right yet, choose one now. Don't spread yourself too thin as consistency in the brand allows you to build trust on a personal level.

Does your brand colour represent what you're doing?
Colours leave a meaning and message without needing words , thus it is crucial to have your brand colour that is representative of what you do. Some common qualities the wedding business is often associated with are trust, hospitality, and confidence, thus it is advisable to choose a brand colour that corresponds to these qualities. To know what your brand colour means, we have compiled a list of them:

  • Blue: Trusting, dependable and strength
  • Green: Freshness, environment and healing
  • Yellow: Energetic, joyfulness, optimism and warmth
  • Red: Action-driven, passionate, aggressive and bold
  • Purple: Creative, sophisticated and imaginative
  • Orange: Courage, friendliness, confidence and productivity
  • Pink: Femininity, excitement, romantic and youthfulness
  • Gold: Valuable, traditional and prosperity
  • Silver: Glamourous, graceful and sleek
  • White: Goodness, purity, easy and fresh
  • Grey: Reliability, intelligence and solid
  • Black: Elegance, dramatic, classy and formality

Have you ever gone through branding issues? What are other possible scenarios that could go wrong with branding? Share your thoughts below!

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