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Starting a Wedding Business With A Small Amount of Money

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Wedding service/product provider is one of the top business opportunities with great potential. The more people are doing this business, the more brides and grooms-to-be are helped with wide-range options.

It is such a big market not only for newcomers but also for experienced actors who dare to make some new wedding-related business categories. Thus, having a specialty and high quality are things that you need to have in doing business. However, capital condition or financial preparation sometimes demotivate the business actors. These are some tips to start a wedding business with small capital.

Start simple
Don't start your business massively. Just like Steve Jobs who established Apple at his home garage, don't hesitate to make your bedroom or house your first office. No need to directly hire a full-time staff. Do everything yourself in the beginning will let you concentrate in perform a maximum service to your first client.

Build your portfolio by partnering
Collaborate with your wedding vendor-friends of different categories to make a portfolio. Thus, you don't need to hire experienced professional resources which will cost you a big budget. For example, if you are a wedding dress designer, partner with photography and makeup vendors to create a photo album photo together.

Market on social media
The social media is an effective and free marketing platform. Upload your portfolio, write an engaging caption, and make use of hashtags. Make sure to complete your profile and contact number on the biodata field. Indonesia is the 4th largest users of both Instagram and Facebook in the world, according to Katadata. Not only that, based on Facebook Indonesia's data, 81% of Instagram users who are interested in particular business accounts will contacted them to ask further info. In conclusion, the social media is a hot bed to market your wedding business without having to spend a big budget.

Offer a special price to client-friends
Build your connection from your community of friends. Offer them a soft-opening price in a limited period to mark your first service. Don't underestimate the power of word-of-mouth because if you can present a satisfying word, they won't mind recommending your service to other people.

Publish to mass media
Nowadays, there are a lot of digital, printed, as well as social media publications which focus on wedding topics. Send your client's unique wedding or your portfolio to them to have a chance of free exposure. When uploading an asset to your social media, don't forget to tag those accounts, such as @thebridestory, @thebridebestfriend, @weddingdream, or @thewedlist. Who knows one of them will repost it so that you will acquire many viewers.

Endorse a public figure
If you notice that a public figure or an influencer is getting married, offer him/her your product/service endorsement. For example, if you are a florist, you can propose to arrange him/her flower bouquet or boutonnieres for free. As a reward, you will get exposure on him/her social media, or other ad placement types (logo placement, ad lips, etc.). Consequently, your works will be visible to a wider audience through his/her fans and followers.

Financial capital is not the only thing that determines whether you would succeed in the wedding industry. Assets of unique, quality, and creativity are the essential stuff. Don't forget to do initial research through reading, observing the market potential, and studying the competitors to have an equipped business strategy.

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