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Tips on Finding the Right Name for Your New Wedding Business

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Coming up with a name for your business might not seem a big deal. However, the name you pick will be forever attached to the brand image for your business. It will be the core identity that customers, shareholders, and the rest of the world will think of when they hear the name. That's why brainstorming for the perfect name is an important process, and we have just the right tips to get you started.

Keep It Simple and Catchy

There are plenty of multi-billion international companies that have simple and catchy names such as Nike, Amazon, Apple, etc. All these names roll off your tongue easily, and they aren't tricky to pronounce either. It should be the same way with your business name. Ideally, your business name shouldn't have more than two words in it so that it'll be easy to remember.

In addition, your business name shouldn't be too hard to spell. Avoid using languages that aren't familiar as your business name, even though you think it might add more personality to the title. Many names in the wedding industry are derived from the French language. However, it couldn't have been easy for people to get used to it. The fact is that the more complicated your business name, the more effort you'll have to brand it so that people won't make mistakes in spelling or pronouncing it.

There are plenty of ways to make your business name an attention stealer. You can have a play at acronyms or using the same consonant such as Rollover Reaction. You can also take a word that best describes your business and erase a vowel, such as the 'plataran' in Plataran Indonesia which is derived from the word 'pelataran' (which is Indonesian for 'yard').

Don't Make It General

Unique is one thing that your business name should be. Without singularity, your business name won't be catchy, intriguing, or easily remembered. Say your business is to produce wedding invitations, naming your business 'Pretty Invitations' would be too general and boring. It will be easily forgotten. If you dig around some more on what you want your name to convey and why you've jumped into the business of producing wedding invitations, you might come up with a better name.

Unless you are a designer who wants to label your clothing designs with your birth name, like Asky Febrianty, MERRAS, and Myrna Myura, we'd advise against naming your business with your name. Entitling your business with your name lacks originality, and you never know how many out there have the same name as you. For example, naming your business 'Stephanie's Cakes' might sound fine, but it is such a popular name that you'd find the same name.

To ensure that your business name isn't too general and ordinary, you can do a simple search on internet's search engine and social media to find out if any other businesses have similar names. If you want to go the extra mile, go ahead, and test your business name on the "find keywords" tool in Google AdWords. This tool will show you a list of similar search phrases, along with global and monthly searches on the words. It's a great way to see if there's a similar name that is getting more attention which may jeopardize your branding in the future.

The Meaning of The Name

Of course, not every name needs to have a deep philosophical meaning to it. Sometimes it just sounds right. However, as your business grows, many would want to find out why you chose that name, and you'll have to prepare for an answer. It is also great to include the meaning behind the name in the company profile, and it can convince stakeholders that your business is built from the heart.

The meaning behind the name can be associated with many things; it doesn't necessarily have to be related to what you're selling. For example, Steve Jobs chose to name his company Apple to make high technology less intimidating for people. History has it that he went on a fruitarian diet once and thought of the name when he just came back from an apple farm.

You can also play with history and word origins. For example, you might think that Nike is derived from the owner's brand or that it's a foreign language that translates to something related to sports. However, Nike is actually the Greek goddess of victory. The founders of the company wanted anyone who wore Nike's products to become winners, which is why they chose the name.

As you can see, finding the perfect name for your business isn't an easy task. It would be best if you took much consideration into it, and even find feedback from other people to make sure that your business name is the right one. Take your time and do a lot of research instead of slapping your name in front of whatever it is your selling. Your branding strategy will thank you!

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