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Turning passion into action with Ryan Raquino of Blufish Photography

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Say hello to Ryan Raquino, the founder and man behind the lens at Blufish Photography. One look at his works and you will see immense happiness coming out of the photographs, perfectly portraying what his clients feel at that exact moment.

Having picked up photography as a hobby back in 2006, Ryan has become one of the most prominent wedding photographers in the Philippines today. With a client base spanning from home to overseas, he is the kind of photographer who can be a part-time traveller too. From Asia to Europe, he has visited numerous countries to capture what will be a couple's lifetime memories.

Though it may seem fascinating to travel for work, destination photo shoot sessions surely pose their own set of challenges for wedding photographers. Ryan admits his job can be exhausting both physically and mentally as overseas jobs are mostly handled by less people with less equipment. "I've had a situation where my colleague failed to receive visa on time. Luckily my wife could assist, but I still had to do everything by myself! You just have to be ready all the time," he said. From such experience, he has learnt how to remain professional in all circumstances and find his own ways to beat difficulties.

Commenting on his expansion out of the Philippines, Ryan notes that he has been motivated by enthusiastic response from brides-to-be abroad who send inquiries after finding his works online. "I embrace online mediums such as Bridestory, Instagram, and Facebook to engage potential clients anywhere," said Ryan, who agrees that social media nowadays provide a gateway for wedding photographers to easily promote their works and quickly respond any incoming question. He also credits the advancing camera technology for the ability to put more variety in his photojournalism-style wedding works, thus expanding his portfolio and attracting more potential clients.

Now that many years have passed, Ryan said his occupation as a wedding photographer continues to give him pure bliss regardless of the changes and challenges he has faced. If there are anything he could share to other wedding photographers, he said, "build a rapport with your clients, always be reachable, and never neglect the importance of storage!"

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