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What to do when you got online negative reviews?

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As a wedding vendor whose daily job could vary from sculpting a 7-tier wedding cake to becoming the PIC of a bride's big day, surely you have encountered a number of brides-to-be who are (still) not satisfied with your hard work and leave negative reviews online. Left unattended, these reviews may affect your brand image.

The first thing to remember is stay calm and don't be defensive when you chance upon a bad review online. Inform your team and investigate before replying to find the core of the problem. Giving yourself 24-48 hours window to organize a proper reply is better than hurriedly writing an unprofessional answer.

As the reviews are written in a public space, post your replies on the same spot so the public can see your personal handling of the situation. Based on the circumstances, there are two ways to approach a bad review:

  • If the problems are stated in the review, keep your apologies simple but addressing the client's main concerns. In it, be polite and use common sense because remember that you are responding to an upset bride on a public space and what you write online stays on the internet.
  • If the problems are not clearly mentioned, apologize and ask for a way to reach them, either by email or phone, to clarify the problem. Since you can't provide a replacement product/service to make up for their dissatisfaction, be genuine in asking them for feedback.

Although you may not be able to respond to every bad review, don't ignore them where possible. Leave a good impression by showing that you are open to feedback and use this as an opportunity to shine. A good reply that can satisfy both the reviewer and potential clients that read it can result in greater loyalty, satisfaction and positive words-of-mouth than if no failure had happened.

Sometimes, being observant only is not enough to monitor online negative reviews. In this case, Google-searching yourself is a good alternative to find out what is said about you out there. Be sure to treat both good and bad reviews seriously and don't forget share them with your team. The good ones are tokens of appreciation for all of your effort, while the bad ones point out glitches for internal improvement.

It is upsetting to read a bad review, but don't dwell on it. The best way to move on and recover your brand image can be as simple as collecting new reviews from other clients. Let their testimonials do the talking!

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