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What to do when your work is not properly credited?

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Whenever your work gets published, there is always a risk of being wrongly credited by the other party. It could be annoying if this happens to you especially considering how it should be a really simple task. As someone who works with countless other wedding vendors, here are the two most common instances whereby your work can be wrongly credited:

1. Online (wedding blogs, wedding websites, and social media)

First of all, calm down. Sometimes, a client or another vendor who made submissions to a wedding blog could have forgotten to include you or misspelled your business name. If this happens to you, find out how you can contact the blog editors to have the mistake rectified. Make sure you include the link to the respective article, a brief explanation of what happens as well as your contribution in the wedding, and your business information to help the blog editors make necessary amendments.

Other times, a credit for you might have been tagged to another vendor's social media account by mistake or you may find out that your works have been reposted without giving a credit back to you. For such case, send a Direct Message to the account holder pointing out what went wrong. While you can state the urgency in your message, remember to remain polite until the matter is solved.

2. Offline (print publications)

In printed publications, a wrong credit could be a typo or a clear omission from the list of vendors involved in a published work. It's a little more tricky to handle such mistake as changes can't be made instantly due to the seasonal nature of printed publications. What you can do is to inform the editor right away to discuss the issue and the best solution they can give. However, just as important is to remember that this situation should not be an excuse for you to act all high and mighty. Try as much to be understanding as they themselves would have been feeling bad about it. This way you are also prolonging your own professional relationship with them for future

While everybody makes mistakes, you as a vendor can certainly set your own precautionary effort to minimize the risk of being wrongly credited. Here are two things that you can do:

  • Double check your business information
    If a client or another vendor would like to [submit a wedding], kindly ask them to double check your business information. Don't hesitate to ask if you can see the draft beforehand to make sure they have the correct spelling of your name and your most update business information such as links, email, and phone number.
  • Don't complicate your social media ID
    We notice that business names are getting fancier by the day, however it doesn't mean you have to create an equally fancy social media ID. Save yourself the trouble of getting mixed up with someone else simply because your social media account if difficult to spell.

While you're allowed to be angry over a wrong credit, keep a cool head while pursuing the matter. Put yourself in their shoes, don't stretch your anger, and just focus on fixing the mistake. On another note, have you ever experienced this issue? Tell us how you react to the situation in the box below!

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