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Why is Instagram an essential social media platform for marketing?

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Few people including businesses can doubt that the world today revolves around social media, especially Instagram. Nowadays, it seems like we discover new trends, businesses, places and people from square pictures. Instagram has gone beyond hype and become some sort of an addiction.

A brief and visually pleasing world
Instagram's strength lies on its capability to send its users to a visually pleasing world - or in this case, wedding dreams. Carefully themed and curated wedding images make even wedded couples say 'gorgeous', 'stunning', or 'I wish I had thought of this before". It's hard to deny that these square images can either make or break a wedding business.

In the age where most people have less attention span, wedding business owners doesn't only need to possess 'good taste' but are also required to work harder on creating appealing contents that speak a lot. Instagram almost makes it a standard that images cannot look cluttered, video cannot be too long and lengthy texts are not engaging unless they are told interestingly. Now, when we create our marketing materials, we think about how it would fit on Instagram.

Measurable Features
With reportedly 700 million users and a selection of user-friendly in-app features, it's not a wonder that Instagram is a social media juggernaut. You might know how to use Instagram, but let's see how you can benefit from it and what kind of learning you can get:

1. Instagram Stories & Live
We've discussed how Instagram Story can benefit wedding vendor, but let's talk a bit more about it. Ever since its release, Story has been used by 150 million users worldwide on a daily basis. This 15-second video is especially appealing for businesses as they are able to link their followers directly to an external link with a simple "Swipe Up" CTA on any linked stories. Instagram Stories have somehow become clear solutions to the non-clickable links on Instagram posts that we are all too familiar with.

Many of you may ask, "how to measure the success of my marketing effort through Instagram?" To do this easily, you should have access to Instagram Insights that are available only to Instagram Business account owners. By posting stories, here are the metrics you can get:

    • Impressions: The total number of times a story has been seen. The number of impressions you get is not unique, which means if someone sees your story for 3 times that will be counted as 3 impressions
    • Reach: The number of unique Instagram accounts that has viewed your story
    • Replies: Number of times people send you messages from the 'Send Message' field at the bottom of your story
    • Exits: How many times people swipe to skip your each of your stories

While Instagram users indeed like filtered images, they also show a growing interest in truly personable accounts. It's not just about professionally taken pictures anymore. Now, they care about beautiful pictures but also want to be emotionally engaged and connect with the 'real' people behind the business. So, this is where Instagram Live can up the excitement. You can use the Live feature to do short tutorials, have a quick Q&A session, and engage as many followers as possible at once. Be creative!

2. Multiple Posts
Can't choose which picture to upload? Don't have the time to post and write captions frequently? Here comes Multiple Post to save your day! You can post pictures from any angle and show off your portfolio without spamming anyone. While you may expect more engagement from a Multiple Post, do know that you'll only receive one impression for the entire post. Which means, if someone 'like' a post that contains multiple images or videos, you will only receive 1 'like' instead of multiple likes.

If you are an Instagram Business account owner, here are the metrics you can get:

    • Likes
    • Comments
    • Saved: How many unique accounts have saved (bookmarked) your post
    • Impressions: How many times your post has been seen
    • Reach: The number of unique accounts who have seen your post
    • Engagement: The total number of unique Instagram accounts that have liked, commented on, or saved your posts
    • Video Views: How many times your video has been viewed. A view is counted when someone has seen your video for more than 3 seconds or more

3. That 'Bookmark Button'

See that small button on the bottom right corner of your Instagram post? Yes, that's the bookmark button whose function you really need to promote! Tell your followers to skip the trouble of scrolling down numerous pictures. Now, they can save their favourite wedding inspirations by tapping the bookmark button long enough to archive the pictures they like in an existing folder or by creating a new folder. What's more is you if happen to operate a business account on Instagram, you can track how many times your pictures have been bookmarked by potential clients!

What's the big deal?
So, Instagram is a pretty big deal. If you're not in yet, that FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) feeling should be creeping in. Can you afford not reaching out to a large group of potential clients? Have you found a better way to promote your business online? After all, pretty much everyone who has a smartphone has an Instagram account and checks Instagram every waking minute to find both trivial and important information.

Thus, you need a really strong reason to not create an account to promote your business. More than just an image-sharing platform, Instagram creates opportunities for business owners to do three things all at once, such as:

  • Attracting potential clients
  • Showcasing portfolio
  • Building relationship through interaction via comments or direct messages

How has Instagram played a role in growing your wedding business? Share your stories with us below!

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