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10 wedding crisis and how wedding planners could handle them

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Muddy aisle, lost rings, incomplete decoration, name anything that comprises a wedding nightmare for you and your client. As a professional wedding planner, you must have encountered these circumstances at least once. With the help of a senior wedding planner like Irene Kamaludin, the founder of IWP (Irene Wedding Planner), we are happy to share with you solutions to several unwanted scenarios.

1. Unpredictable weather
In a classic wedding nightmare where a sunny day becomes a stormy day, the best thing to do is to move fast and not panic. Bring the cake under a shelter, help your bride with her gown, and move everything else that can't stand being wet. If you have known early that your client wants an outdoor wedding during rainy season, make sure you communicate the risks and recommend the need to put up weatherproof necessities such as tents and umbrellas.

2. Late officiant
Irene said that sometimes the unexpected just can't be avoided. "I always spare extra time and anticipate every possibility with backup plans to get the wedding back on track. When the officiant or priest is really nowhere to be found, it would be better to quickly ask someone else to perform the service and work out the legal issues afterwards," said Irene.

3. Absent bridesmaids
Assign one or two of your crews to handle the bridesmaids and groomsmen, then have them collects details such as names and phone numbers so your friends can be easily reached when it is their time to appear. It will be better to brief them the itinerary for the day to prevent lateness. If a bridesmaid or groomsman goes missing and is nowhere to be found, get creative with other arrangements so nothing looks out of place when the couples are walking down the aisle or taking group photographs.

4. Missing wedding ring
A missing wedding ring turns every bride into a bridezilla. If this ever happens in a wedding you are involved in, calm your client and offer them a quick solution, for example, borrowing their parents' rings if they are wearing the same size or get creative and make any loop from straw, twigs, or any ribbons available at the venue. Assure your bride to not stress out and ruin her special day, help her to slip it off her mind and tell her to get back to it the next day.

5. Power outage
Blackout in the midst of vow recital? Not as romantic as it sounds indeed. Most venues have their own emergency power generators in case of such terrible event, so have someone from your team on standby close to it. Also, have a quick run down with the emcee to agree on what to do should such 'disaster' occur. Since most guests would likely be turning around on their seats, you can ask the emcee to address the situation and put some ease. In the case of outdoor weddings, have candles prepared and place it carefully at important places - make sure they won't burn anything!

6. Embarrassing speech
It appeared that the best man who was supposed to give a speech got drunk, slurred and babbled nonsense, sending a string of embarrassment to your client's face. To save the night, signal the emcee to quickly take place politely and divert attention. It is difficult to keep an eye on everyone but it is wise to brief beforehand the guests who need to go on stage. This may at least minimize the risks for any mishap.

7. Drunken or injured guests
Speaking of drunken incidents, cooperate with the bartenders when the wedding has an open bar to keep track of guests who have had one too many drinks. Since the most important thing is to keep the day focused on the bride and groom, have your team ready to escort drunken guests to another place if they started acting like they were in a nightclub. As for injured guests, always have first-aid kit prepared and make sure everyone have emergency contacts for the ambulance, hospital, police, and fire department.

8. Awful wedding bands
Awful musicians? Out of tune singers? It feels like the wrong wedding band has come to make the day even more 'memorable'. When this happens, be ready with two things: an emergency playlist on your phone or laptop and an impromptu singer from among the guests (you can make it look as a surprise gift from a guest to the bride and groom). It's not too late to save all ears!

9. Wedding crashers and uninvited plus ones
Wedding crashers can be unavoidable at times, so make sure there is a clear sign at the venue's entrance to avoid a mix-up and tell the ushers reconfirm with the guests if they have come to the right wedding. If the client notifies you of an unfamiliar face, discreetly approach the guest and avoid creating a scene. As for the uninvited plus-ones, every venue usually keeps spare chairs in case there are extra guests or broken ones. When this happens in a seated wedding, bring out chairs and explain to the guests that they would have to sit separately from their plus ones.

10. Running out of food
"In buffet-style wedding, we cannot predict how many guests are going to come. That's why I always suggest my clients to make a rough count so they don't order too little food," said Irene. As a wedding planner, you need to keep track of the food flow, and when you know the party needs extra food, ask the person in charge of food if there's any need to order more.

The list of unfortunate events that could occur in a wedding is endless. If you ever feel overwhelmed or out of options, don't hesitate to seek help or advice from other wedding vendors. However, most importantly, remind the bride and groom that no matter what happens, embrace every moment as it is the happiest day of their lives.

So, have you ever encountered any on-the-job nightmares? Tell us how you handled them below!

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