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2017 Indonesia Wedding Industry Report by Bridestory

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By the end of last year, we conducted a survey amongst 5,000 Indonesian couples about their wedding. From whether they choose an auspicious date, how do they pick their wedding vendors to questions about their budgeting, we've compiled all their answer and bring you our 2017 Indonesia Wedding Industry Report! Keep reading below for a comprehensive statistics and facts about Indonesia's Wedding Industry which can be an additional learning for your business.

Let's start from the basics. Most of our respondents are women, with an average age of 25-34 years old, and mostly live in Jabodetabek. From this survey, we found out that most couples take 9-12 months to prepare for their wedding (31.9%), followed by a quick wedding preparation that takes only 3-6 months (24%). We also discovered a surprising fact that only 38.9% of our respondents chose an auspicious date for their wedding, this is a drastic drop compared to our previous report from last year. Moreover, 63.1% of our respondents still have an engagement party before their wedding.

Next up, wedding planning. Most of our respondents takes recommendation from their friends and family (23.9%) when it comes to finding their vendors, this is followed by Bridestory (18.8%) and social media search (18.8%). When choosing wedding vendors, the top three crucial factors are price (40.3%), portfolio (25.9%) and reviews (12.9%). It is important for vendors to know that pricing is the deciding factor for couples, hence vendors need to know how to price their products services right and transparent. Moreover, be sure to frequently update portfolio so that couples have a few references to look at.

From the 5-14 hours of time spent in a week for wedding planning, a majority our respondents take 26-50% of their time planning through online media. Now here's an interesting wedding timeline we uncovered from this survey which can be helpful for wedding planners. On an average of 12 months of wedding preparation, couples start scouring for their venues as well as hair and makeup artist 12 months prior to their wedding. This is because, they usually are fully booked especially during wedding seasons. This is followed by the search of wedding decorators or stylist as well as photographers and videographers at 11 months before the wedding day. As the wedding slowly approaches, about 5 months to the big day, couples look for smaller and easier to get items like wedding ring, invitation & souvenirs, health & beauty packages and also honeymoon itinerary. An insider tip from us is that you can remind your clients to prepare their wedding administration 6 months from their wedding date.

Moving on to the finances and budgeting of the couples. About 37.6% of the grooms paid the most for the wedding. Perhaps most couples now know how to spend their budget wisely because our survey shows that 49.1% of our respondents managed to stick to their wedding budget.

From this survey, we've come out with four separated wedding budget - affordable, moderate, premium and luxurious. Depending on the number of guests, the range of an affordable wedding starts from IDR 20 million for 50 guests up to IDR 400 million for 1000 guests. For moderate weddings it starts from IDR 40 million for 50 guests up to IDR 800 million for 1000 guests. It escalates in a premium wedding which starts from IDR 100 million for 50 guests up to IDR 2 billion for 1000 guests. As for luxurious weddings, it starts from IDR 350 million for 50 guests up to IDR 7 billion for 1000 guests.

Talking about budget, for all wedding despite their budget category, a big chunk of it is spent for venue and catering (39.2%) and the second highest budget allocation is for decoration and lighting (12.3%). This is understandable considering those are the two high-cost items in a wedding. The rest of the budget are set aside for other wedding needs like wedding planner, wedding dress and photography.

So here are the compilation of all the answers we get from our survey. With all these information and statistics, we hope that it'll be helpful for your business and how can you approach your potential clients.

What are your thoughts about the 2017 Indonesia Industry Wedding Report? Share your comments and interesting facts you know on the comment box below!

You can download the full report in PDF format through this link:

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