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6 'basic' mistakes a wedding photographer should not overlook

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As a wedding photographer, it is only natural that you would have discovered a distinctive to stand out from the others. However, in spite of that, you must make sure to avoid these six basic but major mistakes that could cost you a job:

1. Losing focus
One thing that defines professional photographers is how they manage to capture their subjects in the perfect moments. Although alfresco weddings are often held amid breathtaking scenery, remained focus on your clients instead of the picturesque view. After all, you have been hired to photograph their happiness and not how beautiful the nature is.

2. Unnatural colors
Color setting is another tricky thing. Although the final results that you send to clients might have been edited, the right setting still determines how great your works are. As simple as setting up the white balance can give different results to match the location, surrounding condition, and overall wedding theme.

3. Blurry or pixelated photos
There are a number of reasons that cause pixelated images, such as too much zooming in, cropping a wide area, poor photo editing, or wrong camera setting among many. As a precaution, make sure to set up your camera properly, take a few images of the same moment, and edit where necessary later on.

4. Too much filter
Ever since photo editing applications such as VSCO Cam and Snapseed become popular, both amateur and professional photographers have used their phones to make images more attractive. If you like to do this kind of instant editing and post the result on your social media, make sure to be consistent so you don't ruin your own photography or worse, giving false expectations to potential clients.

5. Few local reviews
Don't underestimate the power of reviews as with them you can build a well-known brand. As a bride, she will definitely look for references or any reviews from other brides who have hired you, just to make sure she is choosing the right one.

After reading the list above, let's see some tips on how you can boost the popularity of your wedding photography business.

1. Regularly update your portfolio
You will certainly have at least one social media platform, like Instagram or a website to ensure that your business is legit and trustable. Abandoning your digital platform is not a great move; many brides will leave your profile as soon as they see your last update was actually 3 months ago. Thus, make sure to regularly update your platforms. If you are on leave, post an announcement so people will understand that you're not available.

2. Request for clients reviews
Asking for past clients' reviews will be another great idea to expose your business. One of many traits to define you as a trustable vendor is from the real reviews you have. A good review will bring you more business as people will start to refer you to their friends and even brides-to-be who happened to visit your profile and may consider you as their vendor.

3. Be consistent with your style
What defines you is actually what viewers are attracted with. Whether you have an indigenous natural or a glamorous romantic style, a warm tone or a cold, no one has the same exact preferences. So don't simply change your following what your clients wants, because consistency is key to creating your signature style.

4. Network with other vendors
Join any vendor gatherings or get in touch with more experienced wedding vendors to get yourself in a bigger circle. The more you acquaint yourself with other professionals in the industry, the better exposure and recommendations you will receive in the future.

So, have you made any photography mistakes? How did you improve and learn from them? Share your tips to us below!
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