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Recently, Bridestory had been chosen as a case study on Instagram Business home. According to Instagram, Bridestory reached out to 7.5 million brides-to-be across Southeast Asia in a month.

The result we achieved is an epitome of the power Instagram ads possess to reach a large pool of audience. In fact, based on an Instagram user survey in November 2015, "60% of Instagrammers learn about products and services on Instagram and 75% take action such as visiting a website, searching, shopping, or telling friends after being inspired by an Instagram post".

While we use Instagram ads to connect with and drive Bridestory app installs among brides-to-be, you too can increase brand awareness and grow your wedding business by advertising in Instagram. Here, we share some tips on how you can utilize the platform.

  • Creating good advertisements
    Instagram allows you to connect with your audience with personally relevant advertisement. According to Instagram for Business blog, there are three principles you should live by when creating Instagram ads:

1. Well branded
Always use high-quality images and incorporate your brand's logo, icon or color scheme so your audience can identify your brand. Moreover, be consistent in presenting your brand through images that send a clear message so the audience will quickly recall your brand as they see your ads on their feed.

2. Concept-driven
Tell a story that aligns with your business goals to drive good perception, deliver message and gain favorability. Set a visual mood using filters and create a theme to make memorable advertisements.

3. Well crafted & well targeted
Achieve real results by targeting the right audience and choose a specific CTA (call-to-action) button that shows exactly what you want your audience to do after seeing your advertisement. There are: Shop Now, Book Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Watch Now, Contact Us, Apply Now, and Download.

In Bridestory, we use straightforward creatives that highlight the benefit of using Bridestory app to find millions of wedding inspirations and connect with the wedding vendors behind those inspirations. The caption is relevant to brides-to-be and the ads feature a Download CTA button to drive app installs, resulting in increased Bridestory app installs by 5X in one month.

  • Advertise across Instagram and Facebook
    One in five mobile minutes is spent on both Instagram and Facebook, therefore amplifying the impact of advertising across both platforms. Furthermore, in a study by MetrixLab, advertisements that perform well on Facebook perform well on Instagram.

    Use the same set of creatives for both Instagram ads and Facebook ads to optimize your advertisement and reach the combined audience more efficiently. Another benefit is you will get better website clicks, website conversions and video views. If you do not have your own website, compensate it by regularly updating your Instagram feed with new works as your targeted audience can still click on your Instagram handle to visit your profile.
  • Segmenting & Targeting
    Being owned by Facebook, the same targeting and measurement capabilities are also available on Instagram. Start by defining the country, age, and gender you wish to target. If you want to set even more precise targeting, choose more specific options like location, demographics, interests, actions, and many more. This will make sure your Instagram ads generate brand awareness and speak values among your intended audience, the brides-to-be.

    In order to reach the right audience and find loyal app users (users who use the app at least three times), Bridestory target women between 21 to 35-year-old in select locations in Indonesia first. Then, we narrow down by their marital status (engaged, newly engaged or in a relationship) and their interests (wedding photography, dresses, and invitations). With targeting, we have seen 50% lower cost per install versus other media channels.

In Bridestory, it is our priority to keep innovating and make it more convenient for brides-to-be to connect with the vendors who will make their dream wedding possible. If you have promoted through Instagram ads, feel free to share your experience and insights below!

You can read the complete case study on the Instagram Business home.

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