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Bridestory Quarterly Statistics: per Jul-Sept 2016

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Here comes the statistics for the third quarter of 2016! We're excited to see continued growth in the company and how a new wedding color trend pops up as brides-to-be go back to softer colors. Read on to find out what else has happened in Bridestory!

Monthly Traffic
Traffic to Bridestory just keeps growing! In the third quarter, from July to September 2016, we have seen approximately 523,000 monthly visitors, a 2.1% increase compared to the previous quarter.

In terms of the number of Bridestory users, Indonesia contributes the highest traffic to Bridestory (50.01%), followed by Singapore (16.99%), and the Philippines (15.22%). Our significant growth in the Philippines is a direct result of increasing marketing effort in the country.

Increasing numbers of business leads
As traffic to Bridestory grows, so does the number of leads that each vendor receive monthly. In the third quarter, vendors with a Gold subscription plan receive on average 50 leads monthly from potential clients while vendors with a Silver subscription plan receive 27 leads monthly, a 4.17% and 3.85% increase respectively against Q2.

Free plan vendors, however, only receive five leads per month as they have limited access to some Bridestory features. Free plan vendors also can't enjoy certain benefits that are granted to vendors with a subscription plan such as premium listing on our platform and search marketing among many others.

Strong mobile behaviour
In terms of browsing behaviour, brides-to-be these days certainly hold on longer to their mobile phones more than their laptop or desktop. On average, brides and grooms-to-be spend 8.2 minutes on Bridestory app to find wedding inspirations and contact the vendors while spending only 5.4 minutes on our website to do the same.

Social media influence
Other than our platform, engaged couples also look into our social media accounts to find the latest wedding ideas. Everyday our social media and editorial teams curate contents that will help brides-to-be plan their dream wedding.

Until the end of Q3, we have accumulated more than 2.7 million followers on Instagram (@thebridestory - 502,000 followers, @thebridebestfriend - 264,000 followers, @weddingdream - 1,196,000 followers, @thewedlist - 824,000 followers) and 261,000 fans on Facebook.

A 'Peach' wedding
In the last quarter, Navy Blue has been the favourite colour of the quarter. However, this time around couples seem to be going back to softer colours as Peach comes out as one of the most searched wedding colours.

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