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Bridestory Quarterly Statistics: per Oct-Dec 2015

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Here are the main highlights of 2015 Final Quarter Statistics:

Monthly Traffic
Users from Indonesia still accounts for 54.7% of the total traffic to However, following Bridestory's expansion to Southeast Asian countries, there is an increasing traffic coming from Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia, amounting to 16.3%, 10.3% and 5.3% respectively. Thus, wedding vendors who wish to expand to the Southeast Asian market can take advantage of the features in Bridestory to connect with clients in the countries they seek to venture into.

Average business leads
Wedding vendors in Bridestory receive different number of business leads depending on the type of their subscription plan. Vendors who opted for the Gold Plan receive an average of 28 leads monthly compared to vendors with Silver Plan who receive an average of 18 leads monthly. On another hand, vendors with free plan only sees 2 leads from potential clients. In addition, potential clients mostly "view or ask pricelist", accounting for more than 60% of the business leads sent to Bridestory's wedding vendors.

Mobile-oriented behavior
The global shift to mobile technology is also reflected on the number of Bridestory visitors who access from their mobile devices, as many as 62.1% compared to the 38.9% who still use desktop. It is important for wedding vendors to keep up with the mobile trend as potential clients are now browsing the website wherever and whenever, thus obtaining information, choosing vendors, and sending leads faster. For this, Bridestory has launched the Bridestory Pro app dedicated to help wedding vendors check for and reply to inquiries faster as well as upload new projects as soon as possible to obtain more leads and turn them into bookings.

To enjoy the convenience of managing your leads and Bridestory profile on-the-go, get the Bridestory Pro app by clicking on this link:

Download Bridestory Pro from App Store
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