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Gather quality leads with new sections on your Statistics page

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Bridestory understands how vendors would like to receive higher leads-to-client rate from the platform. Hence, to help you gather more quality leads, we have created two new sections for the Statistics page - the Potential Clients and People Interested sections.

  • Potential Clients
    In this section, you will find a list of brides-to-be who have sent you one of these types of inquiries: Send Message, View Email, View Phone Number, or Save Vendor. They are regarded as highly prospective clients, and therefore you will be able to view their email addresses and send them a follow up.

  • People Interested
    This section consists of brides-to-be who do other activities on your Bridestory profile: View Website, View Price List, View Instagram, etc. They are still browsing for the right vendors and have not made their choices yet.

Other than the new sections, there are also two new updates such as:

  • Now, you can see the profile and Inspiration Boards of the brides-to-be who appear in the Potential Clients or People Interested section by tapping their profile pictures or names. This way, you will get an idea of how they want their dream wedding to be like.

  • We have changed our email notification system. Now, you will only receive email notifications related to inquiries from Potential Clients. However, if you wish to still receive real-time notifications from all activities on your Bridestory profile, you will be able to do so via Bridestory Pro app.

We hope these changes will help you receive higher quality leads, save time and achieve real results with Bridestory. If you have any feedback regarding the new additions, feel free to comment below!

*UPDATE: As of December 2016, brides-to-be who viewed your: LINE ID, WhatsApp, BBM, or Messenger, are also considered as Potential Clients.

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