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Introducing Bridestory App, a must-have app for brides-to-be!

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Bridestory has received numerous feedbacks from a lot of brides-to-be to create a mobile application that will make wedding planning more convenient. Hence, the launching of Bridestory App, a must-have app for all brides-to-be. This release is in line with the recent Bridestory Quarterly Statistics that shows 62.1% of Bridestory traffic comes from mobile devices.

Aside from giving brides-to-be an easier and faster browsing experience, the Bridestory App is packed with features that allow them to:

  • View vendor profile & portfolio. A complete profile and an updated portfolio send good impressions to the brides-to-be. Therefore, it's important for you as vendor to regularly manage your Bridestory business profile for more quality leads. On a side note, now Bridestory Pro allows you to upload new projects right away from the phone!

  • Message vendors instantly. The messaging feature in Bridestory App is intertwined to the messaging feature in Bridestory Pro. This means when a bride-to-be message you using the Bridestory App, you'll receive notification from Bridestory Pro on your phone. A quick reminder: turn on the notification in Bridestory Pro so you won't miss any business leads!

Having released the Bridestory App, wedding vendors can anticipate an increase of activity in their Bridestory business profile. So, get your own Bridestory Pro for wedding vendors to easily manage your business on-the-go! To download, follow the link:
Download from App Store
Download from Google Play

If you want to get a glimpse of the Bridestory App, download it from App Store or Google Play (note: unless you're using a Bridestory user account, wedding vendors are currently unable to login to Bridestory App). And, don't forget to ask your clients to download the app as well to create their dream wedding!

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