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Introducing Bridestory Indonesia's Traditional wedding section

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Since the beginning, Bridestory has always been determined to provide convenience in wedding planning for everyone - including the busy Indonesian brides who come from various cultural backgrounds. As Indonesia is very rich in culture, we are aware of the high demand for more traditional wedding inspirations that cater to different wedding rituals. Therefore, Bridestory Indonesia has teamed up with Wardah, one of Indonesia's well-respected cosmetic brands, to launch the Traditional wedding section on Bridestory Indonesia homepage that showcases various traditional wedding works from Bridestory vendors.

By choosing the Traditional section from Bridestory Indonesia website or app, brides can easily find plenty of traditional wedding inspirations from various wedding vendors, including decorations, accessories, wedding attires, hair and makeup, and so much more. They will also be able to contact you immediately with just a click, whenever and wherever they are.

Despite the wedding trends that come and go every year, traditions remain at the heart of most wedding in Indonesia. With the launch of Traditional wedding section on Bridestory Indonesia homepage, we hope to help every bride-to-be makes the traditional wedding of her dreams come true.

We're also happy to announce that we have launched a new TV commercial with Wardah. Watch the video below!

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