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Introducing the new vendor listing on Bridestory

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As the number of Bridestory visitors grows, so does the number of wedding vendors listed on our platform. Thus, in order to provide a better experience for both brides-to-be and vendors, we have come up with a more optimized and dynamic vendor listing.

By optimizing the vendor listing, we would like to prioritize vendors who have subscription plan, pricelist, high active rate, reviews, and good rating. At the same time, we also introduce a more dynamic appearance to display vendors who are active on Bridestory and frequently receive reviews either from clients or fellow vendors. The number of reviews you receive will play an important role in increasing your visibility on Bridestory and likelihood to get new clients.

You can easily collect reviews even when you are on the go using the "Request More Reviews" button on Bridestory Pro app. If you don't have the app yet, you can download through these links:

Download Bridestory Pro on Google Play
Download Bridestory Pro on App Store

With this recent improvement, we hope brides-to-be will find the most relevant results when searching for wedding vendors and you too can connect more quickly with potential clients. We would like to hear your feedback regarding this improvement, so feel free to leave a comment below.
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