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Vendor Idea: Unconventional Centerpiece Ideas

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With some flowers blooming only in certain seasons, floral centerpieces can be a costly option for clients who are seeking your advice on more budget-friendly decoration. Although floral centerpieces are the most common choice of centerpiece, there are many other ideas that can be explored by wedding decorators. As a decorator, having several ideas for centerpiece can enable you to reach wider client base ranging from tight to big-budgeted clients. Besides, who knows a centerpiece that is out of ordinary might be the next big wedding trend?

Now, let's take a look at these unconventional and distinctive centerpiece ideas which may include some flowers to impress your future clients:

1. Herbs, fruits, and vegetables
The use of tropical fruits is not limited to outdoor or beach-side wedding only, their natural bright colors can brighten up an otherwise dull wedding venue and emphasizes the cheerful mood of a wedding. Meanwhile, herbs and veggies give off an organic vibe and natural twist perfect for the clients who love nature or rustic theme. If you have clients with a tight wedding budget, this decoration idea is a great alternative as long as they choose whatever is in season.

Photos by (Left to right): Meg Smith via Snippet & Ink, Jose Villa Photography via Style Me Pretty

2. Teacups or tea sets
Teacups or tea sets are more commonly found on the table during high tea. However, who ever thought they would make great centerpieces in a wedding. Choose antique teacups with timeless pattern for either a classic, vintage or rustic theme by putting some candles in the teacups or stack them on customized pillars. This centerpiece idea is perfect for day receptions both outdoors and indoors and suitable for bridal shower too!

Photo by Jessica Zais Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

3. Candles
Ideal for a night reception both indoor and outdoor, candles instantly infuse a romantic, serene, and classy ambience to the table when used as centerpieces. Choose the right candleholders and color of the candles to match with the overall wedding concept. Don't forget to ask your clients if there would be a lot of children on the wedding day and see if they would like to put flameless candles in certain area to avoid any accident.

Photos by (left to right): Samuel Lippke via Bridal Guide, Weddings Now via Inspired By This

4. Branches
Fear not even when flowers are not in season. Make use of dried branches and twigs to decorate each table by letting smaller pieces dangle from the stalks or dunk them in tall glass vases filled with water. Be experimental to avoid dry-looking setting as the right combination can make a simplistic yet adorable centerpieces.

Photo by (left to right): Bob and Dawn Davis via Bridal Guide, Decozilla via Tulle & Chantilly

5. Food
It may not make sense to put a big-sized food on the already crowded table, but this idea can replace the normative dessert table as centerpiece. Have your food-enthusiast clients try this idea as a means to show off their distinctive palate and impress the guests!

Photo by Lola Rose Photography via Bridal Guide

So, what do you think, is one of these ideas going to be in your next project? It could be time for your potential clients to get a hold of these unconventional centerpieces, so that they can have a special and memorable wedding of their own. Are there any unusual ideas you have ever done in your previous projects?

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