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2017 Singapore Wedding Industry Report by Bridestory

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The 2017 Singapore wedding industry report is back again! After conducting the survey to 1,500 brides and grooms in Singapore, we're presenting the report to you today. Hopefully after reading this report, vendors can get better insight about their clients' wedding planning and budgeting tendencies, thus providing the best service to fulfill their every need. Keep scrolling to see the full review!

Compared to last year's wedding trend report, this year less couples choose an auspicious wedding date. However, it is shown that an engagement party before the wedding is still done by 83% of respondents, meaning that this occasion is definitely a priority for Singapore couples. Meanwhile 9-12 months is deemed the most efficient time to plan a wedding

For most couples (23.2%), recommendation from friends and family is the best way to find wedding vendors, with Internet search (18.8%) and social media (18.6%) coming next on the line. With this data, we think it's safe to say that vendors would also have to build an online presence to engage to potential clients instead of only relying on the word-of-mouth or other conventional marketing techniques. To choose the best one, couples rely on three most important factors: price (38.7%), portfolio (26.8%) and reviews (18.1%).

An interesting fact we've found: with a majority of couples (61.4%) spending less than 5 hours each week to plan their wedding, 51-75% of the total planning time is actually done through online media. This insight would even more enhance our previous point and that vendors should be at least familiar with online media to even better service the clients.

Next, let's move on to budget. According to survey, 63.7% of couples pay for their own weddings and 65.8% of them managed to stick to their budget.

On budget allocation, more than 50% of a couple's spending goes to venue and catering. Next in line are wedding rings (5.75%) as well as photography & videography (5.64%).

And there you have it, this year's wedding industry report. Hopefully these figures will be an insightful guideline to help you plan the perfect wedding. Happy planning!

Download the full report here!

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