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2017 Singapore Wedding Trends Report by Bridestory

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We all wish to know about the latest wedding trends in the country to help us plan a dream wedding. Today, we would like to share with you our very first Singapore Wedding Trend Report for the year 2017. With data collected from 1,500 brides and grooms in the country, we hope this report will be a valuable guide for you this year. Let's see the results!

Based on our survey, majority of couples in Singapore will look for an auspicious date to get married. Interestingly, September to December are shown to be the busiest months (66%) with December being the favourite of all to hold a wedding.

In terms of budget, the biggest portion of a couple's spending goes towards venue and catering followed by pre-wedding photo shoot and wedding day videographer and photographer.

About 86.5% of engaged couples also pay for their wedding themselves and manage to stick to their budget at the end of the day. It is not a surprise that the brides are the primary decision-makers (69.6%) during wedding planning.

Most Singapore brides and grooms still prefer holding a wedding in the country (89.5%) while the rest chooses to hold a destination wedding (10.5%) in romantic locations such as Bali, Tagaytay, Boracay, and Phuket. Many guests are invited by means of e-invitations (69.2%) first in addition to the physical invitations.

Perhaps due to other commitments, majority of the engaged couples spend less than five hours a week to search for their wedding vendors. About 50% of that time is allocated towards browsing online. Some of the most important factors they pay attention to are price (38.4%), portfolio (24.3%), and reviews (21.7%) of the vendors

Unlike in Indonesia, wedding celebrations in Singapore are mostly held in a sit-down reception (83%) compared to a standing party (17%). Perhaps for this reason, two of the most popular wedding venues in Singapore are hotel ballroom (59.6%) and restaurant/cafè (13.7%). They are also likely to hire a wedding planner/stylist/organizer to help organize their wedding day.

To commemorate their special day, Singaporean couples are likely to have a pre-wedding photo shoot (84.9%). Some of their favourite spots include outdoor space around the country (38.6%) and overseas (25.4%) such as Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Japan, and Australia.

Continuing on to the wedding theme! Modern minimalist, green botanical as well as rustic come out as the top three picks amongst engaged couples in Singapore. Their colour preferences to match these themes vary from gold, pink, light blue, navy blue to classic white.

No matter where they are, saying 'yes' to the dress is a crucial stage in wedding planning for all brides. For those in Singapore, ball gown, mermaid, and A-line styles with strapless, off-the-shoulder or illusion necklines are the most favourite looks. On the other hand, popular styles amongst the grooms are single-breasted tuxedo, stroller, or a full dress in black, navy blue, or gray which enhances a classic and dapper finished look.

Comes the wedding day, normally there will be about four to six bridesmaids accompanying the bride. The popular colour choices for their dresses are pink, light blue, navy blue, lavender, and turquoise to complement the overall wedding theme .

And so, above are the wedding trends that you can expect to see often in Singapore this year. While they will be popular, do not limit yourself when you are working with a client. Instead, use these trends as the basis of your creative works. We hope these insights would enable your wedding business to grow even more!

You can download the full report here.

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