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12 Ideas to Create a Gorgeous Photo Booth for Your Clients

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Nowadays, it's common to find photo booths in most engagement parties and wedding celebrations. It helps the bride and the groom entertain their guests and create a lively atmosphere for everyone who have come to their big day. Let's take a look inside for 12 ideas to create a gorgeous photo booth for your client's wedding!

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Exclusive Coverage: Bridestory Fair 2017

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A month after this year's Bridestory Fair, we still can't get over how amazingly everything went. This time, more than a hundred wedding vendors showcased their work and met with thousands of couples from all over the city. See the photos from our event inside!

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30 Songs All Wedding Vendors Should Know

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Choosing the right songs can be as painstaking for vendors as it is for the clients as it takes the right tunes to stir emotions. However, don't get tired just yet because here we share a collection of love songs to tell each of your client's love story!