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7 Newest Wedding Trends That Brides-to-be Love and Look For

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Through our trendspotting articles, there are plenty of trendy wedding elements that we have shared with our readers since the beginning of this year. With all certainty, such wedding vision could only become reality by the help of their trusted wedding vendors. Learn this article to find out the uniqueness of each trend and you'll understand why they are still relevant!

Latest Trends

SONY Hosted First Ever Wedding Photography Festival

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On 9 – 10 May, Sony hosted a wedding photography festival, an event during which photographers and videographers get the opportunity to learn from the experts as well as get their hands on Sony's state-of-the-art cameras. Keep reading to see photos from the event!

Latest Trends

Vendor Inspiration: Incorporating Black Elements into Your Clients' Weddings

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The color white and weddings might seem to be an inseparable match. However, this year black is back to take over the wedding world and we're inspired to share this inspiration with you! Do you dare incorporate black-colored elements to your clients' wedding day? Keep reading to be inspired by this timeless and elegant color, who knows this is exactly what your client wants!