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2017 Indonesia Wedding Industry Report by Bridestory

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By the end of last year, we conducted a survey amongst Indonesian couples about their wedding. From whether they choose an auspicious date, how do they pick their wedding vendors to questions about their budgeting, we've compiled all their answers and bring you our 2017 Indonesia Wedding Industry Report! Find inside a comprehensive statistics and facts about Indonesia's Wedding Industry which can be helpful for your business, let's take a look.

Bridestory Platform Insider : Features & Reports

2018 Wedding Trend Forecast by Bridestory

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Happy new year! As we begin on this new chapter, we're are going to uncover the wedding trend forecast for 2018. This year it is all about the brides expressing themselves in through an edgy yet sophisticated wedding that reflect their personality best. Without further ado, read inside to find out what's coming in the wedding scene this 2018!

Bridestory Platform Insider : Features & Reports

A Peek Into The Bridestory Magazine Vol. 05

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A helpful resource for all brides-to-be is finally back to cater your wedding planning process as our newlyweds, Raisa Andriana and Hamis Daud Wyllie cover this fifth edition. Find inspiration no matter your wedding theme is, from traditional to modern, and indoor to outdoor. Endless ideas and tips are thoughtfully crafted to ensure you'll have the wedding of your dream too. Click to see the sneak peek inside.