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Sample of Quotation and All the Price Details You Need to Add

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When talking about products/services, negotiating the price is not enough because, usually, the offered prices are different from the market. It needs every detail of client's needs and requests to create a quotation. The aim of a quotation itself is a consent agreement between the vendor and the client. Quotation is issued before the invoice or before you deliver your scopes of work.

After your client inform their expectations and needs for their wedding, create a quotation immediately within 24 hours. Quotation is sent by e-mail and can still be revised if the client wanted to remove/add some items. The job starts when the quotation is agreed by both parties.

Here are the key points that should be included in your quotation.

1. Description of product/service
Beside including the name of the product or service, put the detailed information on what kind of services or materials are provided. For example, if you are a photographer, you can inform, such as how long the photoshoot session will be, how many photos will be delivered, and what complimentary you would like to give to the client. If you are a decoration vendor, notify the details of what materials will be used, also the types of flowers or plants, whether they are fresh, imitation, or dried.

2. Pricing details
Not only inform the total price of the product or service, but you need to also mention the cost breakdown as explained in the points above. If you are a decorator, it is necessary to list down the flower price based on the variety if your client wants various flowers. If you are a makeup artist, inform additional prices of eyelashes, hair extensions, or additional touch-up fees. Or, you can also add a note if the listed price includes several other products or services. Also, don't forget to inform the validity of the price you quote. In general, the vendor has the right to state that the current offered price can be changed at least 30 days after the quotation is issued.

3. Payment terms
Provide information about the terms of payment, such as down payment, payment terms, and your bank account details. You need to include the due date for each payment term. The due date stated in the quotation acts as a notification and when the client has signed it, it means that the client has agreed to the terms. In general, the due date is set at least three days after you send an invoice to your client, including the DP billing or the cost of the product/service you have delivered. Remember to also inform your client whether tax is included or not and share the detail, especially for vendors who have registered their business as a company.

4. Contact details and portfolio
Don't forget to attach your business name or logo as well as your address, phone number, and e-mail to show a trustworthy credibility. It also eases your client to contact you. In addition, to attract the client more, include documentations or a portfolio of projects that you have done before to prove that you've succeeded in finishing a project as your client requested.

Below is an example of a quotation template that you can use as a reference. However, for practical convenience, take advantage of Bridestory Pay and use the message feature to create a quotation faster. For further information, click this link!

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