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7 Newest Wedding Trends That Brides-to-be Love and Look For

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Through our trendspotting articles, there are plenty of trendy wedding elements that we have shared with our readers since the beginning of this year. With all certainty, such wedding vision could only become reality by the help of their trusted wedding vendors. Keep on scrolling to find out the uniqueness of each trend and you'll understand why they are still relevant.

1. Black-tinted Wedding Elements

Credit: Abby Jiu Photography - Ashley Cox Photography

Credit: June Photography

Credit: Abby Jiu Photography - via MODwedding

Credit: Abby Jiu Photography - Ampersand Wedding Photography

As we already mentioned on the previous quarterly statistics, monochromatic theme has been taking over the wedding trend! Besides, the color is just so versatile to be paired with any wedding theme. For an unforgettable celebration, let your client know they could incorporate a hint of black-tinted wedding elements, such as tableware, flower bouquet, boutonnieres for the gentlemen, and other wedding keepsakes for the guests.

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2. Geodes and Agate Stones

Credit: Abigail Grace Bridal - Carrol Hannah

Credit: Cassie Loree Photography - Erin J Saldana Photography

Credit: via Martha Stewart Weddings - via Moncheri Bridals

Credit: Lauren Pretorius Photography - Rivkah Photography

During the first quarter of the year, we shared our insight about these mineral rocks, called geodes and agate stones. With its mix of natural hues, it doesn't surprise us how many brides are captivated by the beauty of it. Aside from its appearance, you can also create some variations of the stones and craft it into certain items for your clients and their guests to take home.

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3. Velvet Wedding Elements

Credit: Bark and Berry - Eva Tarnok Photography

Credit: Allison Harp - Elisabeth Messina

Credit: Jonnie + Garden - Sophie Epton Photography

It's easy to spot this rich-looking fabric in the fashion world! But how about the wedding industry? We bet you understand better than us. So, why not start suggesting your client to incorporate velvet fabrics on their wedding details? Worry not, any wedding elements would look instantly elegant and luxurious when it's adorned with the soft velvety material.

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4. Macrame Wedding Details

Credit: Brit + Co - Jordan Voth

Credit: via 100 Layers Cake - Julie Paisley

Credit: Elizabeth Wells Photography

Does one of your clients love bohemian style? If so, here's a wedding trend that would fit boho brides-to-be! Macrame or the art of knotting has been widely applied to many areas of life, such as home decor, fashion, and of course, weddings. Other than incorporating it to fashion-related items such as hair accessories and wedding dress, you can explore your creativity to present a hint of macrame accents on the other wedding details.

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5. Unique Wedding Veils

Credit: Paolo Sebastian - Madly Studio Astrophilia

Credit: Veiled Beauty - Lexia Frank

Credit: adorn by ashley bridal - Crown and Glory

Credit: Emily Riggs Official - via Sparrowstation

Veil can also make a bridal statement at a wedding, because the types of veils brides wear aren't limited to a thin piece of white fabric anymore. These days, you can also add a certain design on their wedding veil accordingly. Who would have known there are so many unique veils out there than can complement the wedding concept? As modern brides-to-be are getting more experimental with their bridal look, don't be afraid to let your creativity juice flows and create memorable accessories such as this one.

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6. Bas Relief Cake

Credit: via Martha Stewart Weddings

Originally known as a sculpting technique where shapes are carved to stand out on a flat surface. Who knew such technique could be applied on a wedding cake too and make a stunning delicacy? We know they're too pretty to cut into pieces, but it's hard to resist the temptation, don't you agree?

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7. Rattan-accented Wedding Details

Credit: Sophie Epton - Dang Fine Rentals

Credit: Feather Love Photography - Ettore Franceschi photographer

Credit: Towards the Moon - Ryan Ray

Credit: Cake Works - John Schnack Photography

Other than being a gorgeous home decorative item, rattan can be used for a wedding decoration as well. Moreover, this vintage-looking material is durable which means you can use them as ceremony chairs, sweetheart chairs, and even cake stands! Let your client know that it's so possible to craft a wedding detail made of rattan. Keep in mind, rattan is extremely practical and low-maintenance. It can be shaped into any items, whether it's a decorative element or a functional item.

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There you go! We've rounded up all the trendy wedding elements since the beginning of the year. Perhaps, you can suggest one of them to your clients in the hope of making their wedding dream come true. Good luck!

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