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All about wedding submission & how to be featured

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Wedding submission has become a popular practice among vendors and couples nowadays. There could be many reasons behind a submission, such as to promote a brand to wider audience or simply to share an absolutely beautiful and inspiring wedding. However, often time couples and vendors are still unsure about how they can submit a wedding to a popular wedding blog. This time around, we have asked Bridestory's Editor-in-Chief, Ayunda Wardhani, to share some of the things she look forward in a wedding submission and how to increase the likelihood of getting featured.

Now, let's take a look at the what, why, which and how of wedding submissions!

What is a wedding submission?
Wedding submission means sharing a real wedding story of your clients in the form of images to a wedding magazine or wedding blog. You will need a lot of high resolution images of different moments during the wedding.

Why send a wedding submission?
The first purpose of wedding submission is to share a couple's happiness and inspire other brides and grooms-to-be. The perk of submitting a wedding is you get exposed to both domestic and international audiences. As wedding submission is usually hosted by renowned wedding sites and free of charge, you can build credibility and receive free brand exposure to potential clients, all at once.

Before submitting a wedding, there are a few things you need to take note to increase your chance of getting featured.

1. Ask for permission
First and foremost, it is important to ask the couple if they are willing to share their wedding pictures. A wedding is an intimate event and some may not want to have their faces and the whole procession out to the public. Also, don't forget to inform all of the vendors involved before submitting a wedding to avoid double submissions.

2. Share a unique wedding
Though every wedding certainly conveys a meaningful story of the couple, there are some which are completely unique. Look into the couple's background, theme, decoration, location, and other personal elements to determine which wedding you really want to submit. Who knows, your work will be inspiring other couples who have similar stories as your client. And don't forget to write about your experience working with the couple to complete the written wedding journey!

3. Follow the guidelines
Different wedding blog or magazines usually have their own set of submission rules. Aside from that, there are some commonly found rules, such as:

    • Minimum number of images you need to submit
    • Resolution of each image, and
    • Proper tagging of all wedding vendors pictured

Most submissions take up to 4 weeks before getting published. You can try to shorten your waiting time by abiding to each of the rules and completing all of the necessary forms so those on the other side can quickly check your submission. As wedding blogs or magazines usually want to have an exclusive right to publish a wedding, make sure to submit only to one blog at a time and only make another submission to other wedding sites if you've been rejected.

4. Give proper credits to all vendors
Last but not least, always credits all the wedding vendors who took part in realizing the wedding. Provide links to their websites or social media so readers can also look at their portfolio - it's a good way to network and a gesture that says "hey, check out these people 'cos they're awesome too!" You know what they say about "all for one and one for all"- if it's not for them, the wedding wouldn't have happened!

Which photos should be included in a wedding submission?
The approval of your submission also depends on the theme of the wedding blogs and magazines that you submitted to. However, they would want you to supply a range of images from the start until the end of the wedding ceremony. If your goal is to promote your brand and services to the readers, include more images that focus on your work and be sure they're still telling a story of the wedding instead of strictly looking like a portfolio.

Here is a compilation of the wedding photo elements that you shouldn't miss in a wedding submission:

  • The couple: Nervous faces when they're walking down the aisle, exchanging vows, and finally exiting as official husband and wife. And, watch out for the cheesy grin after 'you may kiss the bride' and awkward moves during the first dance.
  • The people: The proud parents, teary-eyed guests, shy ring-bearers, and laughing groomsmen and bridesmaids. Also, capture the musicians and the host in action!
  • Dress & Attire: The stunning bride in her sophisticated wedding gown and the groom all dressed up. Don't overlook the bridesmaids' dresses, groomsmen attires and unique outfits of the guests.
  • Preparation: Prepping for the day is always exciting, so make you have pictures of the bride getting her makeup done and the groom being polished in waiting. Wardhani said that if you're involved in the bridal shower, include them too!
  • Florals: It's all about flowers! On the ceiling, down the aisle, on the tables, and even behind the chairs. Also, don't leave out the boutonni√®res, the corsages, and, of course, the bride's bouquet.
  • Venue: If it's indoor, include an image of the intimate lighting. If it's outdoor, don't forget the beautiful backdrop. Zoom out to shoot the beautiful scenery (don't miss that breathtaking cliff edge, or even the cows and horse at the farm!), zoom in on the dangling chandeliers.
  • Savours & Sweets: Wedding cake, dessert table, individual plating, and perhaps that juicy piece of steak.
  • Invitation and rings: Flatlay or not, get a close up shots of the rings and invitation card. Their designers would thank you!

Although the images you submitted may have included all of these photo elements, wedding blogs and magazines want to see professionally taken 'capture moments', Wardhani mentions. This could be easy if you're a wedding photographer, but if you're not, relay your thoughts to the photographer before the wedding day so you can have some of your involvement photos to be featured as well. Otherwise, you can ask a good photographer friend of yours to help take a shot of your work.

How long does it takes to be featured?
If you have a memorable wedding that you've experienced with your client, share them! The publishing time varies for different wedding blogs and magazines. In The Bridestory Blog, it takes about 2 weeks depending on the quality and completion of details (or, even faster assuming your submission is impressive and everything is filled in). If you are a Bridestory vendor, feel free to send a wedding submission to The Bridestory Blog!

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