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Bridestory Quarterly Statistics: per Oct - Dec 2016

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We have reached the final quarter of 2016 and here's the exciting highlights you surely would not want to miss.

Monthly Traffic
We are happy to say that Bridestory concluded the final quarter of 2016 with a bang! We have seen an average of 586,000 monthly visitors - an increase of 12.1% from our previous quarter and our highest growth rate to date. We believe this significant increment is a result of our coverage on the most awaited celebrity wedding, Sandra Dewi and Harvey, as well as the successful Bridestory x Uber campaign.

Meanwhile, our top three countries are still Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines which contribute 54.9%, 16.8% and 14.2% of the total monthly traffic respectively.

Growth of the average number of leads
The increase in total monthly visitors also influences the average number of leads vendors receive per month. Bridestory vendors who own a Gold Plan receive an average of 65 leads per month from potential clients, while Silver Plan vendors receive 35 leads per month. Each number is a 30% and 29.6% increase from Q3 respectively. Free Plan vendors, unfortunately, only receive 6 leads per month despite the increase in traffic to Bridestory.

Rise of 'In-App Messaging'
As known, the 'View or Ask Pricelist' feature has always been a popular contributor for leads from potential clients to wedding vendors. However, while this is still the case, in this final quarter we witness a rise in the number of leads sent by brides-to-be using the 'Send Message' feature in Bridestory App. From 5.2% in Q3 to 8.8% in Q4, it looks like your potential clients are starting to prefer in-app direct messaging to contact the vendors they are interested in for faster replies.

With this latest finding, we recommend you to frequently open Bridestory Pro app and check for messages to avoid missing business opportunities. If you do not have it yet, you can download it from Apple Store or Google Play.

Go 'Green'
Many brides-to-be seem keen to see more nature-inspired elements in their wedding celebrations, hence the choice of Green as one of the most searched colors. This outcome surprisingly also comes parallel to the announcement of Greenery as Pantone's Color of the Year 2017. With this, we expect more green weddings to come in the new year.

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