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Wedding inspirations with Pantone color of the year 2017, Greenery

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Greenery has officially been selected as Pantone's Color of The Year for 2017. According to Pantone, this zesty yellow-green color symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another, and a larger purpose. It brings to mind the early days of spring and evokes a sense of a refreshing new beginning.

At a glance, greenery is not your typical wedding colour, especially considering the growing popularity of neutral-palette celebrations. However, we hope our version of greenery wedding below can help you convince your potential clients to adopt some greenery into their wedding.

Invitation and stationery
Be a little unpredictable and choose a shade of green for the wedding stationery. Green is uncommon enough to make the invitations memorable, yet still somewhat calming as it will remind the guests about nature. If your client prefers a safer choice, keep the background neutral and use green only as the text color.

Photo by Lacie Hansen

Photo by Julia Elizabeth Photography

No matter what the wedding color palette is, it's a good idea to use greenery for the boutonniere. Use only leafy greenery for a natural-looking boutonniere or add flowers to get a more elegant look. If you want to make the green color stand out, just add a small amount of flowers that aren't too big in size, or use green-colored flowers instead.

Photos by Tenth and Grace (left) & Sophie Kawalek Photography (right)

Photos by Jose Villa (left) & Laura Gordnon Photography (right)

It is one of the best ways to incorporate and highlight greenery into a wedding, so florists, it's time to get creative! Use a plenty of green vines and plants to enhance the rustic, organic feel to the wedding bouquet. Alternatively, choose green-colored flowers for something different. To add just a little touch of green, wrap the bouquet with green ribbons instead.

Photos by Koman Photography (left) & Jose Villa (right)

Bridesmaid dress
Designers, we know green-colored dresses aren't that easy to pull off, so instead opt for white dresses with tints of green. You can play around with different patterns or shades of green, and the dresses will still look as chic as ever.

Photos by 2 Brides Photography

Even before Pantone's color of the year announcement, greenery has made its mark on so many wedding decorations lately. Aside from wedding arches made of foliage, another way to incorporate greenery is through the table settings. Green-tinged cutlery, napkins, or candles would be perfect for adding a refreshing dose of color. It can be quite expensive so mind your customers. But for the budget-stricken clients, use something that nature already have, like wedding table numbers made of pear or cut grass.

Photos by Laura Gordnon Photography (left) & Jose Villa (right)

Photos by Anna and Jerome (left) & Lindsay Madden Photography (right)

Photos by Onelove Photography (left) & Jose Villa (right)

Wedding cake
Infuse greenery to accentuate a different-colored cake or have the cake made in a shade of green. If your client can't decide, why not suggest both ideas at the same time?

Photos by Katie Katt (left) & Lindsay Madden Photography (right)

Photos by Brancoprata (left) & Carmen Santorelli (right)

Wedding menu
Now, adding greenery is not a big challenge for caterers because greenery can be added to wedding food and drinks as well! Cook up some naturally-green food to add to the wedding menu. Also, you may add natural and non-toxic food coloring to everything else.

Photos by Charlotte Jenks Lewis (left) & Heather Cook Elliott (right)

Other details
They say that it's the details that makes a difference, so don't be afraid to decorate more elements of a wedding that can be adorned in greenery. From the ring box to the flower girl's crown, though it seem trivial, these small details can actually enhance the overall theme and make everything come together beautifully.

Photos by Brumley and Wells (left) & via Perfect Wedding (right)

What do you think of this new color of the year? Feel free to share your ideas of incorporating Greenery into your client's wedding in the comments section below!

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