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How to perform effective marketing with social media

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For the past few years, social media marketing has been gaining popularity and become an 'it' thing that everybody seems to feel the urgency to create an account in various social media platforms. It is understandable because, if executed properly, social media marketing can become a powerful tool that enables you to increase brand awareness, interact with target market, create leads, achieve the bookings that you want and earn good words-of-mouth afterwards.

Before updating all of your social media accounts, keep in mind that managing a business account is different from managing a personal account. Here are some tips we'd like to share with you so you can maximize the potential of your social media accounts:

  1. Communicate clearly with your team members. Your social media account frequently becomes a space for questions regarding the services you offer. If somebody else is updating your business social account, make sure you both have a regular meetup to discuss posting guidelines (what can and cannot be posted), general business knowledge and next business plan to avoid miscommunications.

  2. Give answers that meet their concerns (and respond ASAP). According to a report by Nielsen, 46% of online users rely on social media when making a purchase decision. Try to provide short but useful answers that can help both the person asking and others who read. As much as possible, avoid back and forth conversation on your social media.

  3. Be a social listener. Avoid letting a review lingers without you noticing because you're missing an opportunity to either appreciate your clients or handle an upset client. Monitor and respond to feedbacks to leave good impressions for potential clients.

  4. Create conversation with your fans. They are the people who religiously talk about your brand. Sometimes they are endorsed, sometimes they are not. In any case, maintain good relationship to foster sharing & good words, by leaving a thank you comment or liking their post/picture.

  5. Monitor your 'competitions'. Use social media to spot opportunities where you can fill the gaps, improve your own services, and stand out from the rest. A few things you can do to measure competitors' performance:
    • Measure campaign success (how many people join their campaigns? How many people follow their accounts after a campaign?)
    • Learn their marketing strategies (how do they promote themselves? Which posts attract more 'likers'?)
    • Understand what satisfy or dissatisfy a client (what makes them happy? Why are they disappointed?)

  6. Keep a blog post. Discover the most shared blog content and analyze your traffic. By blogging, brides-to-be can see your works, indirectly bond with you and trust your expertise.

  7. Engage potential marketing partners. Consider cross-marketing with other vendors where you advertise each other. This can increase your followers and improve your chances of penetrating into a larger market.

  8. Make your team members your first brand ambassadors. Ultimately, your team is also your first line of action. Considering word-of-mouth is still the best marketing tool, have them share contents like promotions or new products/services using their own social media accounts. But remember, never forget to inform them details of your new offerings to avoid wrong information delivery.

  9. Plan together with your team & other departments. Different people and departments have different insights, it's always good to hear other opinions so you aren't stuck with similar contents. Consistency is good but you don't want your social media accounts to look boring and uninformative.

Aside from the ones above, there are other strategies to effectively promote your brand using social media. If you have other suggestions that we haven't mentioned, feel free to leave a comment below. Also, don't forget to share this article to your friends if you find it useful!

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