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Master the strategies to win your leads

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Brides-to-be like to keep their options open. They send out leads to multiple vendors to find a vendor who doesn't only click with them but also matches their budget. This chosen vendor can be you, depending on how well your response can convert your leads into bookings. In here, let's see a few things brides-to-be seek from you and how you can win them.

Be prompt, it does more good than you can imagine.
Brides-to-be love prompt replies. Why? They become less agitated thinking whether you have read their inquiries or not. They want a reply within 24 hours because it makes them feel important, dispel any 'arrogant' feel, as well as proving the legitimacy of your business, expertise, and professionalism.

Promptness can be your winning strategy as you seize the opportunity to create a good first impression and build conversation with potential clients while the subject is still relevant (don't discuss bridesmaids gown when the bride-to-be has moved on to wedding gown!). What you want is to have the benefit of time on your side and be ahead of competitors by reminding your clients that you genuinely want to help them and your service is still available.

Answer their questions and personalize your response.
Before sending your reply, make sure you have answered what is being asked. What if a lead only asks for price when your pricelist apparently varies by date and other requirements? You can provide your price range, inform them how you usually customize it and invite them to have a meet-up. A quick tip from us: use bullet points to make your answers organized, easy to read and on-point.

When you're writing a response, avoid making it sound generic as though a potential client is just another bride-to-be. Again, brides-to-be like to feel special and expect quick replies, so if you're too busy, shoot a quick message informing them of your whereabouts and assure them that you'll get back as soon as possible. Your reply reflect your personality so be polite, give clear answers, and thank them for contacting you.

Use their preferred communication method, not what you prefer.
Of all communication methods, email is the most common form used to send leads. Many brides-to-be like email as it provides a record of conversation and comes in handy for future references. Considering the convenience factor, email is also preferred because it can be written while doing multiple other things. However, always take note of how brides-to-be approached you the first time and reply in the same way as they could be busy, out of town or just don't pick up unknown numbers. Instead, include your phone number and let them know that you can be reached by phone if they need a fast response.

In the case where you don't hear back, do follow up. It is easy to be missed considering you won't be the only vendor they consult with. According to Rakesh from SAS Design who have successfully converted many leads into real clients, "by including pictures of your works in the follow up, you're reminding them which vendor you are and how you manage to get them to contact you the first time." If it looks like a lead is not proceeding with you, confirm that it's okay to wrap it up. Make a good closing even though you've been turned down.

Realize that often times your leads come from brides-to-be who do not know what they want and what you offer yet. So, do not answer questions with other questions that only add to their already stressful planning. As much as possible, help them by providing general information, price range, your date of availability, and don't forget to ask about themselves so you can tailor your service to their preferences.

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