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The importance of vendor tagging in Bridestory

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A beautiful wedding isn't done by a single vendor - it's the result of hard work done together by multiple driven and passionate professionals. Often times, pictures of your creations exhibited on the wedding day itself are scattered. That's why, Bridestory comes with Vendor Tagging, a solution to help you collect yourself.

What is Vendor Tagging? It's a feature in Bridestory that allows vendors to tag themselves and other vendors in each other's works. This feature is created to help vendors (especially non-photography ones) collect more pictures of them working at the scene of the wedding.

Some benefits of vendor tagging include:

  • Portfolio sharing! You and the other vendors may not have the same collection of works. Why not tag each other to share unseen pictures as well as increase the number of your works.
  • Build your credibility as brides-to-be see more of you in action!
  • Expand your network and create chances to collaborate with other vendors in future projects

When you use the Vendor Tagging feature, there are two things you can do:

  • Tag yourself in other vendors' project (only if you're involved and seen in the works, please), and
  • Tag other vendors in your own projects.

You can also learn more about this feature in our Help Center. If you feel like someone has been abusing the Vendor Tagging feature by spamming you or other vendors, please report the project or the vendor and we'll act on it as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can send a report to

Stay tune for more Bridestory Platform Insider articles to learn about our features and how you can maximize them. Don't hesitate to share this article to your friends if you find it useful!

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