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Choosing the perfect wedding colors for your clients

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With the frequently changing trends, many couples nowadays want to see more unique colour combinations in their big day. Because of the vast options of colours, your clients would need a lot of your help to decide which ones would match their vision. In here, we are sharing a complete guide to help you pick the right colours for your clients!

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How do you handle a client's rejection?

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A wedding vendor's job includes convincing potential clients that you are indeed the right candidate for a spot in their vendor list. Sometimes you get an easy 'yes', but other times you get a harsh 'no'. What should you do when a prospect rejects you? Let's find out about different types of rejection and how you could react upon them!

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4 ways to stay busy and profitable during slow wedding seasons

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Wedding can be a seasonal business. Many couples avoid the months when weather is not promising - too hot, too wet, too cold, too windy. They also refrain from getting married on certain days that clash with their religious or cultural beliefs. Taking this into account, wedding vendors can expect a slower business during these off-peak seasons, but fret not as we will share some things you can do to make the best use of this 'vacant' period!

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Favourite wedding flowers that all florists need to know in 2016!

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As a florist or wedding decorator, we're sure that you understand how important it is to have the perfect floral arrangements for a client's wedding. This time, we dedicate this article to cover all the basics a florist need to know including popular wedding flowers, the meanings of flowers, and top wedding flowers trend for 2016.