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12 elegant moments every photographer needs to capture

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Aside from the moments shared with the groom, a bride deserves to have her personal moments photographed so she could relive her emotions in the future. Starting from the makeup session down to the dance floor, there are countless moments and emotions that make the day so special. Take a look at the photos below and implement your own artistic interpretation for your next client's wedding.

1. Makeup and hair session
Hair styling and makeup session usually start very early in the morning. Some brides look nervous, others look just calm - either way, be sure to capture this early preparation so the bride could see for herself how her special day really started.

Photo by Fire, Wood & Earth

2. Hand Shots
If you are the chosen photographer for the usually festive Indian wedding, don't forget to capture the henna on the bride's hands. It is said that different patterns of henna symbolize different blessings for the marriage. Some traditional Indonesian too have this ritual, so be sure to capture those. Also, take a close-up shot of the manicure, it is one of the tiniest yet most impactful details of the entire ensemble. Don't forget the rings too!

Photo by Axioo

3. Writing love notes for each other
Some couples prefer to not meet in the morning of the wedding day. However, they sometimes give little gifts to one another. Make sure to have a shot of the bride writing a note for the groom, and another one as she reads the note from him.

Photo by Axioo (left) & Amy Arrington

4. Shoe shots
To complete the whole ensemble, take a shot of the bridesmaids putting on the bride's shoes. Look out for intricate details on the heels!

Photo by Erika Gerdemark

5. Bridal portrait
When finally everything is in place, a bridal shot is a definite necessary. You can experiment this shot by taking it from any angles as you please. Either from the side or from the front, if your bride is wearing an exquisite backless dress, take a shot of her facing away from the camera so she can show off her back.

Photo by Sara Weir (left) & Almond Leaf Studios (right)

6. Holding the bouquet
A bride holding her bouquet is a pretty sight to see. There are plenty of ways to this shot. You can play around with the depth of field, focusing on the bouquet while keeping her face blurry. Or, you can also take the shot neck-down and focus more on how well the bouquet sits with the dress. If you have other creative or even artistic interpretation to this shot, go ahead and snap away!

Photo by Nastja Kovacec (left) & Anna Tereshina (right)

7. Bridesmaids
Bridesmaids make every wedding celebration so much merrier and a shot (or twenty) of the bride with her best girls must never be forgotten. The girls will thank you dearly for giving them plenty of shot options.

Photo by David Salim

8. Flower girl moments
Don't forget about the little flower girls! Having flower girls in a wedding is not only cute; they add a sense of innocence to the wedding. As the little girls usually love to play around, spare some time to take photos of the girls alone as well. You'll end up with cute photos that your client are going to love.

Photo by Corbing Gurkin (left) & Michael and Carina (right)

9. Veil shots
Play around with the veil before the bride puts it on, it adds a dramatic effect and when styled correctly, can make a wedding photo look artistic. So get creative with its placement and direct the bride on how she can pose with it. Usually the parents will put the veil on the bride, as it can be a very emotional moment for both the bride and her parents, don't miss that shot!

Photo by Erika Gerdemark (left) and Q Avenue Photography (right)

10. Ceremony moments
Here comes the bride! A shot of a bride walking down the aisle should never be missed in any wedding album don't you agree? Also, not to forget the moment when she recites her sacred wedding vows. It is the highlight of the whole event!

Photo by Angga Permana

11. With the groom
And of course, after such an eventful occasion, a bride is happiest when she's with her groom. We have also created another photo shot list for wedding photographers, so check that one out as well for more shot list inspiration!

Photo by Lauren Kinsey Fine Art Weddings

What other moments you think should be added on this list? Share them below!

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