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3 reasons why Instagram Stories is good for wedding vendors

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While a lot of businesses seem to be embracing Snapchat to post quick look into their activities, Instagram has launched a similar new feature called Instagram Stories.

To some people, the launch of Instagram Stories may look like Instagram's desperate attempt to secure its user base. Whether it is true or not, only Instagram will know. What matters now is the fact that you do not need to switch between too many apps on your phone anymore.

So, how will exactly Instagram Stories work for your wedding business? Let's take a look at what is good about it and how you can incorporate it to your branding and marketing strategies.

What's good about Instagram Stories?
Only been launched three weeks ago, Instagram reported that a lot of businesses have been quick to use Instagram Stories to share more unique moments and create a 'closer' point of contact with their followers. Before jumping further , let's see the top three reasons why Instagram Stories is a good new feature for all wedding vendors.

  1. Don't worry about over-posting (or messing up your Instagram feed)
    If you are worried about over-posting, rejoice. No matter how many stories you have shared, your followers will only see you as one circle button at the top. If you have wasted a lot of precious time to curate photos and videos that can show up on your Instagram, relax now. The stories you share will be gone after 24 hours, meaning you have space for other pictures without interrupting the flow of your Instagram feed. The only thing bad you can do is to post so often of the same thing - this will bore your followers, making them skip halfway before going through all of your stories.

  2. Share behind-the-scenes
    What do you prepare for a 3AM makeup job? Who help you in decorating the barn/wedding venue? How long have you waited for the golden hour? Show it all to your followers, let them know how you work so they too will get an insight on the preparation to create a real wedding. Everyone knows about the days of a bridezilla, but this one is a snippet into the mad life of a wedding vendor.

  3. Beat the Algorithm
    We are all aware of the new Instagram algorithm. Instead of showing the most recent posts on your feed, Instagram shows the posts that are relevant for you regardless of the timestamp based on your liking and browsing behaviour. However, fret not! Now with Instagram Stories, your stories will appear on a chronological order so your followers do not have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see your latest wedding projects. Just like how Instagram used to be (and probably, how you like it).

Instagram Stories for marketing & branding
Welcome new feature, hello more possibilities. As you likely have a diverse followers, you should explore multiple ways to incorporate Instagram Stories to your marketing anbranding d strategies. Below are some tips (and examples) we have gathered for you.

  • Engage followers with your personality
    Share off-duty stories! Take them to your favourite flower market, show them the nook where you usually finish your paper works, or where you get a massage after a hectic month. People are generally interested with posts showing daily activities of a brand owner outside of work and such posts actually enable you to connect with potential clients on a personal level.

  • Live feed
    Amaze your followers with a tour of your final work to show the before and after comparison. Also introduce other vendors you work with at a wedding to show appreciation for making the day memorable for everybody. If you decided to share a live feed to highlight a section of your client's wedding, remember to ask for permission beforehand from the couple as no one likes to see their supposed private wedding become a public consumption.

  • Tutorials
    Give short online tutorials to floral arrangement, gown sketching, photo editing, or calligraphy. Divide them into several stories and put short captions with numbers so your followers can follow the sequence. As stories play pretty fast, don't forget to tell them that they can always press at the center of their phone screens to pause a story.

  • Sneak peek to upcoming agenda
    If you are about to have a collaboration or an exciting giveaway, create anticipation among your followers by leaving clues on your stories. This will invite them to check back once in awhile and also make them see your other posts.

With Facebook being concerned over people not sharing 'original contents' on Facebook these days, Instagram Stories could be one of the company's preventive measures to encourage Instagram users to share original and unpolished contents on their profile.

So, have you started using Instagram Stories? Share your thoughts below!

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