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3 ways to convince potential clients using reviews

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Good reviews are too good to waste. Don't keep them to your own ears, but use them as tools to encourage online engagements, highlight your specialty, build brand recognition, and strengthen your foothold in the wedding industry.

Once you have collected client reviews, the next step will be how you display them. It is important to be organized and creative to increase the reliability of your business as brides-to-be usually read at least 10 reviews before choosing a wedding vendor. Therefore, we have come up with three ideas where you can incorporate client reviews to your business

  • Put a couple's review as your caption in social media
    All this time, it might have been you who describe the atmosphere and the couple whose wedding you are involved in. Now, turn it around and let the couple describe you, the wedding professional who have created their dream wedding, by posting their reviews in your social media account(s). Let them read reviews describing your work ethics and experience how communicative you are even before booking your service!

  • Brand with your email signature
  • As you are likely to be exchanging emails to follow up on business leads, why not treat your email signature as a free branding spot? Quote your most recent review underneath the email signature as proof for why the previous couple is satisfied with your service. Furthermore, emphasize your credibility by including the couple's name as well as their wedding date to show whose wedding you worked on and how long ago was it since your last project. Don't forget to replace the review with a newer one when you have finished another project!
  • Encourage clients to review online and provide more links to the review pool
  • How do you keep a record of all your reviews? Maybe you have been taking screenshots from your phone, but what if one day you lose it? Prevent this from happening by asking your clients to leave reviews in your online business page. Then, include the link to your profile in your assets, such as business cards, magazine ads, brochure, etc, so potential clients can conveniently 'find' your reviews when visiting your page. This way, you can also eliminate the hassle of forwarding many screenshot images to potential clients whenever they ask for client testimonials.

As reviews are honest opinions that can influence the attitude of your potential clients, promote them where you can to turn your potential clients into bookings. After all, you would want to impress them to win them!

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