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3 Ways to Exceed Your Client's Expectations

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"You only get what you pay for."

Why so? It's a phrase a person use to express their disappointment from a product or service they get. Perhaps because it isn't as they expected, they expected too much. Thus, the mindset of all customers or clients have been set in a way that they expect they can only get as much as what they pay for a product or service.

Putting it in the scenario of wedding industry, it has become a standard norm for a client to expect only what wedding vendors offer. But what they don't expect is what they can't see. You have the power to manage a client's expectations, what's more, you have the option to deliver a service that goes beyond their expectation. Here are three ways you can do so.

1. Be a good listener
The first and foremost value to have is to be available whenever the client needs you. It's no surprise, especially to wedding planners or organizers, when clients come running or panicking to you asking about this and that of their wedding. This also allows you to communicate thoroughly with your client by listening to their concerns and needs. They are entrusting you with one of the many aspects of their wedding, so listen closely and make sure you understood what they want to avoid confusion.

2. Establish a friendship
Make your clients feel comfortable around you. Admit that there are times you feel that you may annoy a client because you're being a little uptight. Don't do that, let yourself loose. We know that you must retain a professional demeanor, but you can do so while being friendly with your client. Be available for them, not just simply responding to them promptly, but be there. In this way, you are able to develop a relationship that goes beyond a vendor-client ties.

3. Deliver a 'sweet' gesture
It doesn't hurt your pocket when you send or give your clients a little sweet gift. For vendors like wedding planners, since you're handling almost every detail of your client's wedding, you know they can be stressed out. It's pleasant surprise to send them a spa or massage voucher! Imagine what they're going to say to their friends, praising your service and spreading word-of-mouth. For vendors with lesser involvement in your client's wedding, you can always send flowers or small wedding gifts for their new home like a candle or even a cushion for the sofa. A little goes a looong way!

A touch of personalization
As much as we believe that all vendors aim to please their clients, a little touch of personalization doesn't hurt. Every client has their own personalities and preferences that you can pick and use it for your benefit to impress them. Exceeding their expectations also goes on the way you interact with them. Say for example a client has a penchant for fairy tales, but her wedding isn't a fairy tale theme because she thinks is childish. Now you're a wedding cake vendor and notice this, perhaps you can add a fairy tale elements on her cake. It's going to be touching and it's worth the effort in making them happy. A little sweet surprise that will remain an eternal memory etched on your client.

All in all, it is not hard to go above and beyond your client's expectations. It takes passion, effort, and sincerity to make them fall for your service. There may be times when clients are on the unsociable side which makes it hard to befriend them. However, trust us that persistence pays off. So keep it up and you'll be able to give satisfaction beyond their expectation.

Do you have any experience in attempting to exceed your client's expectation? Share yours on the comment box below!

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