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30 Love Songs Suitable For Your Client's Summer Wedding

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It's summertime and the sun is out all day long. Your clients are most probably celebrating their wedding outdoors and what better way to cool of the heat than by playing songs that fit the warm weather. Let's familiarize yourself with these 30 summer-appropriate love songs and suggest them to your clients later!

Oh, What a Sweet Summer
Sweet, cheesy, and just plain classic are some of the words describing our choices in this segment. While some have been heard a lot by many, a hint of sweet pop or two makes every one sees that love is definitely in the air.

By the Sea
With rolling waves in the background, the songs right here will send your clients and guest alike right back to those days when they were sitting by the beach with a mojito in hand waiting for the sun to set on the horizon. Play these songs and set the perfect summer wedding vibes!

Summer Pops
In every wedding, we always see two or three pop songs playing in between the classics. Bruno Mars is easily everyone's favourite and who can forget Maroon 5's all-time-favorite wedding crasher number. Look no further than below for summer love songs familiar to your millennial clients.

Dancing Under the Stars
Your client's wedding celebration will start since early in the day till the night breeze rolls in. The songs in this list are very much suitable for a slow dance under the starry sky or wherever it is in the summer nights.

It's Literally a Summer Romance
Put on your wide brimmed hat and open up those umbrellas because we think a summer romance is really heating up the scene! From the good 'ol Grease soundtrack down to the hottest DJ at the moment, Calvin Harris, convince your clients to show what they got and own the moment.

After-Party Madness
And so, it's time to call the night! Or, is it yet? If the newlyweds would like to dance the night away with guests and family members, you bet they would want to dance to the right beats. Recommend these song and let's get the party started!

With so many variety of songs, we are sure your clients will be pumped up for their upcoming summer wedding. If you'd like to discover more tunes, listen to the 30 Songs All Vendors Should Know that are perfect in any season on our previous blog post.

What is your own favorite summer love song? Comment below to share your playlist!

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