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5 Steps to Build Good Relations with Fellow Wedding Vendors

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One of the fastest and easiest ways to build your business is by modelling it after an already successful business. So, the best way to do that, is to learn first-hand. Being in the wedding industry means that you are constantly elbow-to-elbow with other wedding vendors, but mostly for business. However, your relationship with other vendors can be so much more that it can even be beneficial to your business.

1. Know who you want to connect with

To start this off, you should know exactly who you want to connect with. Most probably, you need to network with wedding vendors offering different services to yours, especially if you want them endorse you. Also keep in mind that it's within your interest to find vendors with some similarities to you, such as if they have been working with similarly styled weddings or have been facing similar challenges. This way, you have ideas to share with one another and they possibility to get referred to through word-of-mouth is bigger!

2. Connect in person

If you're aiming for a sustainable relationship with other vendors, having personal meetings will be the best. Vendors can build trust and it's simply the most proper way to connect with a person. This is not to say that other means of communication is not good, however, you should make good use of the opportunities you have to meet other vendors, such as during a wedding or a wedding event.

3. E-mails or phone calls, but not social media

Even though a casual connection can be useful for your business too, you need to stay professional. You should never ask for a collaboration or an endorsement through comments or social media message, that is simply unprofessional. If you don't get to meet in person, an e-mail will be a great way to start a conversation. Don't forget to make a proper introduction! A phone call can also work well but try to reach them in writing first to introduce and pitch your ideas.

4. Connect on a personal level

Although you're doing this as a business, you must not treat the vendors you want to connect with as a business only. It goes from simple things such as remembering the names of the vendors and calling them by those names, to having casual meet-ups just to release post-event stress. Personal connection goes a long way in a vendor-to-vendor relationship!

5. Be a giver

This is to say, don't be a taker. You don't want to connect with other vendors to keep asking them for help. With that in mind, you should have something to offer them too. Be generous in sharing your ideas or tips and don't be afraid to refer them to your clients!

Not only that networking is important for your business, it's also useful to maintain relations for the long run. Who knows, one of these days you might need these vendors help!

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