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5 Things to Consider Before Deciding to Endorse a Wedding

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Celebrity endorsements have been known to work wonders for a business' reputation and exposure. The same goes for wedding-related business, meaning that endorsing a celebrity wedding could become an instant boost for the brand's name. And with the ever-increasing creativity and added value in celebrity weddings, no wonder vendors go head-to-head in offering best deals of endorsements. While this move can be an effective marketing strategy, there are indeed some things you have to consider before going for it. Take a look at the five things we've listed down below before you make the decision!

1. Don't just go with anyone

It could be tempting to just say yes to any celebrity wedding endorsements. However the term "celebrity" itself is quite relative in meaning, that it might be difficult to distinguish which ones would actually do your brand some good. Frankly speaking, if he or she is no longer relevant in the market, probably endorsing for their special day will not be too beneficial for your brand as well. Also, make sure that your brand will be well represented by the celebrity. For instance, if you are a vendor specializing in traditional wedding makeup, surely it wouldn't feel right to endorse a celebrity that is holding an international wedding. Do some research before deciding to endorse a certain star and whether or not the exposure will be an advantage to both parties. If you feel like your brand is compromising too much? Don't be scared to say no and wait for better opportunities ahead.

2. Don't stoop so low

If this celebrity who's getting married is undoubtedly someone highly sought at the moment, surely there would be lots of other wedding vendors wanting to offer their services for free in exchange for the celeb's exposure. Thus, as a business owner it could be tempting to take the plunge and give every last bit of product and service for free in order for your offer to be accepted. At this point it would be wise to really consider before submitting your offer. Again, the agreement needs to be beneficial for both parties, and in other words, not in any way incriminating to your business. Offer the reasonable amount of products and/or services and be clear in what you expect from the other party. This step is important so that an agreement is settled from the very beginning to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.

3. Know who you're working with

Wedding-related deals need commitment as it usually takes quite some time to be fulfilled. The preparation alone ideally takes a few months up to a year and not to mention the post-wedding obligations both the vendor and celebrity needs to deliver. Thus, it is best that you truly know who you're going to be working with in terms of:

Reach & reputation

Different celebrities have different market. For instance, celebrities with a strong social-media presence could be more beneficial than ones that are not -even if they have only been around for a shorter while, if you're marketing to the millennial consumer base. The point is, be sure that you are marketing your brand to the right people with this certain celebrity.


As cliché as it might sound, any kind of business deals would also need one thing, chemistry. If the person you're working with doesn't have the right attitude, it might be hard for you to actually put your best work forward. All attitudes aside, if you're still willing to work with this person then go for it. But if you know how hard and agonizing it would be, then we suggest to save yourself from the emotional pressure and let yourself off the deal.


Last but not least, know how much he or she will be involved in the whole process. Now different vendors might need different levels of involvement from the celebrities, but the point we're trying to get across is that they should be involved enough to let you know to which direction you're going. In whatever case, it is unadvisable to work with someone that will leave you in the dark or play a guessing-game regarding where you're going to take the project.

4. Read the fine print

Before settling the deal, don't forget to ask to get it all in fine print and do read each point before you sign. Getting it all in print officially secures the deal and ensure that each parties involved really delivers their share of responsibilities. Also be sure to read all the points to avoid anything that might be a burden to your company should something go amiss.

5. Be open-minded

Be open-minded for negotiations that might come prior to or even during the length of the agreement. Always try to listen to your clients and come up with a reasonable way to help them. But if it's something you can't negotiate, then don't be afraid to say so. If you have true intentions to help and serve your clients, they will respect your decisions as well.

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