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5 Tips to Manage Your Clients Expectations

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We all have expectations, don't we? In the wedding industry, clients definitely have high hopes for the products or services vendors offer them. Spurred by social media's insta-perfect weddings, there is pressure to deliver the perfect outcome your clients wanted for their wedding. This is where you need to manage their expectations from the get go. It's important, it's a must.

In literal words, managing clients expectations will help clients set their expectations for your service, hospitality and final outcome. So it starts from when a client views your social media accounts, portfolios, your initial contacts, until the wedding is over. By doing so, you're able to establish a good relationship with your clients by honesty which prevents disappointment. What's better, it'll also build reputation amongst potential clients.

Without further ado, scroll below to read 5 tips to managing client's expectation that has been tried and tested by most businesses but not limited to wedding vendors.

1. Be honest & transparent
Let's be straightforward, if your ultimatum is to sell, then just sell. But if you intend to give your client the best outcome they can ever get, then go full out and be honest from the get go. This starts from being honest and transparent about the things you can accomplish and ones you can't. When meeting a potential client and discover that they requested something that you are not capable of, it's okay to turn them down. Don't lead on your clients to believing that you can do their request which isn't your specialty. It'll eventually devastate knowing that they have high hopes from you, resulting in bad reviews.

Furthermore, refrain from being dishonest about mistakes you did when fulfilling a client's request. It's better to handle mistakes like a professional you are, so be open, apologize and carry forward with plan B. Your clients will surely understand your reasoning if you've come clean. Honesty is the best policy!

2. Under-promise, but over-deliver
The statement is one to behold! It's similar to being honest. When you promise your clients of a job that goes beyond your capability, it'll shatter their expectation by the time you are unable to deliver the outcome, hence disappointment. 'Don't make promises you can't keep', they said. Instead, make assurances that you can fulfill their request and add a little touch of something better.

Here's a scenario to give you a better view. You're an invitation vendor, a client really wanted a caricature of the couple's faces on the invitation. However, it's not something you're good at, though you master illustration skill. Don't promise them that you can make the perfect caricature, but simply say "I'll try my best". With a drive to satisfy the client, you learn how to make it and et voilà, you make your clients beaming by achieving their request! It's the effort that works, that makes you over-deliver.

3. Anticipate a client's need before they know they need it
Without a doubt, be proactive through and through. Imagine how stunned they'll feel when you have an item or service ready even before a client realises they need it. For instance, you're a wedding decorator, your client's wedding is outdoors and it happens to be during a rainy season. Being the pro, you'll suggest your client that they may need to use a clear vinyl tent for the matrimony. If the client insist on having an open setting, then suggest preparing umbrellas for the guest. You're doing her a favor and definitely be thankful for your gesture.

4. Keep constant communication
Maintain clear, concise and constant communication with your client until the wedding day. It brings a sense of security to them that you're doing your job right on track. Make follow-up calls or set meetings to discuss updates about your work. On regular updates, ensure you mention any amendments and the reasonings, or if there are any additional costs incurred to the client. By doing so, clients are aware of what's on progress and save them from panic attacks because you're doing the right job.

5. Set boundaries
Lastly, part of managing clients expectation is to set boundaries. We know that it's a must to make your clients comfortable around you by being friendly. But a slight downside of being friendly is that may abuse your generosity. That's a negative thought, but it's happening. Some clients will try to bargain as much as they can thinking you'll accommodate their wishes. Prevent it before it happens to you too. Set certain limits from the beginning that you have policies to be followed. Discounts, cancellations and refunds policies should be informed beforehand and strictly adhere to.

To sum it all up, managing clients expectations is not a hard task. It takes maintenance from your side to keep it up to all your clients. What matters is clients won't get disappointed with your product or service with bar up high throughout the wedding circle. We hope the tips works for you, and if it did, you're on the road to creating a lasting relationship with client!

So, do you have a trick or two on how to better manage clients expectations? Share some of your experiences on the comment box below!

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