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6 reasons why wedding blog editors do not publish your works

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With the number of wedding blogs around that are open to submission, you might think all of them possess similar requirements. Truth is, no wedding blogs are the same and they have their own niche market. If your submission has been rejected and you are wondering why, the answer might be in one of these reasons below.

1. Neglected guidelines
No matter how excited you are when you just got a fresh new project to show-off, don't rush with the submission. Many vendors tend to miss out the submission steps and that's where it goes wrong. If you miss some steps, editors will not hesitate to reject the submission. All wedding blog may seem to have similar guidelines, but in reality they are all different! From the number of pictures required to the specified resolution, make sure you follow them meticulously to the dot.

2. Mismatch blog and submission aesthetic
Many blogs possess an aesthetic of their own. What would happen if a vibrant-styled photography is sent to a rustic-styled wedding blog? The aesthetics simply don't match. For this reason, you should look for blogs which publish works similar to your photography and avoid submitting to those which contradict yours. Nonetheless, there are blogs which accepts almost all photography styles that you can submit to. However, it is certainly better to have it match to specific blog to attract audiences whose preferences is already defined.

3. Little or no emphasis on details
Some vendors failed to portray the essence of their wedding submission. While the emphasis of a styled shoot are the details of the idea depicted in the shoot, real weddings should convey special moments and emotions of the newly-weds and the people around them. Editors look for uniqueness and specialty, so share the highlights of the wedding. Talk about the couples and what makes them special, and as for styled shoot, justify the theme chosen and why did you chose certain elements for the shoot.

4. Sending multiple submissions simultaneously
Often times, vendors have the urge to send wedding submission to multiple blogs and get featured in as many blogs possible. It's not wrong, but most wedding blogs want exclusivity. They wouldn't like to see the same content on their rival blog, so in that case, it's advisable for vendors to send submissions to a wedding blog that is most desired by you. Send one at a time and be patient because editors do have a lot of submissions to be reviewed on a daily basis.

5. Lack of photo orientations
If you sent too many landscape oriented pictures, it doesn't allow the overall outlook of the wedding submission to have that the right balance. So most editors want to have 3:2 ratio of landscape to portrait pictures. Avoid sending collages or diptychs as the editors will do the job of choosing which ones to be combined.

6. Watermarked pictures
Adding watermarks is one way to avoid getting miscredited. However, on the contrary, the works that you submit for publication should not have any watermark as it could be distracting to the readers. Simply make sure you have provided the names of other vendors involved in your works so the editor can credit all of you properly.

As a recap, here are some of the DOs and DON'Ts you should follow when making a wedding submission:


  • Do: Read and follow the guidelines
  • Do: Add some story about the clients you work with
  • Do: Be selective when choosing the pictures
  • Do: Have a proportional amount of both landscape and portrait pictures
  • Do: Include close-up shots of the details


  • Don't: Exaggerate photo editing
  • Don't: Include too many black and white pictures
  • Don't: Send pictures focused on just one aspect of the wedding
  • Don't: Forget to credit other vendors

Having your submission rejected could be disappointing, however treat it as a lesson for future attempts. If you have been rejected by a wedding blog before, do share your experience and how you overcame it below!

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