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6 steps to create a great first impression on a potential client

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"You've got one chance to make an impression."

It's true. Just like going through a first date, meeting a potential client for the first time is just as important. People do judge you right from the moment they set their eyes on you. Therefore, your first meeting with potential clients is very crucial because they can decide right then and there whether to hire you or not.

If you are the type to get nervous before your first meeting, take a look at these 7-step guide that will help you ease the tension!

Step 1: Prepare Well
Before meeting your potential clients, it is best to know what they want. While they might have requested for a simple meeting only, send an email or give them a call to ask for briefs. This enables you to prepare firsthand some sketches, portfolios, or ideas to be presented during the meeting. This small act will surely impress your potential clients knowing that you've done your research!

Step 2: Look Good, Feel Good
Looking good is a big deal! We are not saying that you need to buy a whole new closet, but dressing well will definitely make you feel more confident. You do not have to don an entirely formal outfit because it might make your potential clients feel awkward. However, you also cannot wear something too casual because they might think you are not taking their inquiries seriously. Instead, opt for an outfit that can go from day to night so you can conveniently move from one to another and set the right tone. Whatever the case, make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing, so you'll radiate positive vibes.

Step 3: Start With A Pep Talk
While many suggestions say to just 'get down to business', you will be surprised that most people appreciate small talks before diving into the more serious stuff. In the wedding industry, even being just a little bit friendly and accommodating can go to great lengths. Just remember to crack the right jokes so the atmosphere do not turn cold. Other than getting to know your clients more, this will also break any assumption that you are just up for the money and actually really want to help create their dream wedding.

Step 4: Sit Tight & Listen
After a small chit chat, it is time to let them do the talking. First meetings are meant for potential clients to describe what they want. For instance, the kind of wedding theme that they have been imagining, their choice of photographer, and the styling that they're seeking. Let them explain and while you sit tight and visualise.

Step 5: Repeat, Ask, Suggest
Right after your potential clients share their visions, it is for some Q&As. To make sure that all of you are in the same page, repeat what they said, ask questions, and throw your suggestions. As you are sitting as the wedding expert, this is the time where you summarize their ideas into points that you can improve.

Step 6: Promptly Follow Up
After wrapping up the meeting, you want to quickly summarize the agenda discussed and quickly send a follow-up email or call not long after the meeting. We recommend getting back to them as early as 1x24 hours if your schedule allows or seven working days at the latest. This is so that potential clients do not lose interest in you. What's better, add a proposal or estimated quotation based on the items discussed so they roughly know how much your service will cost them. If you think you cannot fulfill their requests, do not hesitate to say no. Rather than over promising and stressing yourself out, it is better to find a client that you can enjoy working with.

We understand that as a vendor, you need to have the guts and be equipped to face potential clients, be it nice or a little bit on the intimidating side. However, don't let the get you, in the end, you're the expert and you know what you're doing. So if in the end it didn't work out, don't feel blue as there will be lots of opportunities to come.

So, how do you impress a potential client on the first meeting? Share it to us on the comment box below!

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