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7 Social Media Mistakes Every Wedding Vendors Should Avoid

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Social media is the go-to place for modern brides-to-be to find their wedding vendors. It's a fantastic platform to reach out to brides and other clients, but brides who go to social media to find their vendors don't usually make time to do a thorough research. Instead, these brides want to find vendors they can instantly "click" with. This is why it's important not to give the wrong impression. Here are 7 social media mistakes you should avoid!

1. Constant ads

The key is to act the way you're supposed to act in real life. If in real life bombarding people with advertisements is annoying, the same goes to your social media page. Once people find your page and see a bunch of ads, they'll leave and find another vendor with a page that describes their work, aesthetics, company culture and style. In other words, imagine your business' page to be a whole person, not just a means of marketing. So, refrain from posting dozens of screen-captured testimonial or advertising on your Instagram pages!

2. Talking as a business instead of a person

Brides want to feel comfortable with the vendors they'll be working with, this won't happen if you don't talk to them person-to-person. You need to show genuine interest in helping the brides make their dream wedding a reality. Only this way brides will feel sure of working with a stranger they met online.

3. Sporadic images

Starkly different photographic styles and random filters will only make it seem like you don't understand aesthetics. When brides want to find vendors that make beautiful weddings, they simply won't consider ones with bad visual game. Take time to select pictures, make sure it's something brides want to see and something that works well with the rest of your pictures.

4. Random caption style

Once you attract brides with your images, they would want to read your caption. Your caption is a way to describe how you talk in real life. Make sure you use appropriate words and stick to your brand. If you want to brand yourself as elegant or youthful, then make sure that's the way of speaking you show in your caption.

5. Not paying attention to mobile interface

Most business spend most of their time on their computers, but brides don't. They open your social media account using their phones. Therefore, make sure your interface is mobile-appropriate and you won't lose your aesthetics when the page is converted into a mobile page. It should be simple but attractive on a small screen.

6.Sharing good contents only once

If you think you've done a fantastic job on a wedding and posted great pictures of it, make sure people don't only see it once. This is because you can't rely on the people who are online and have followed you by the moment of posting those pictures. New followers must also see these pictures, that's why after a while, it's good to remind people of your past works or projects.
7. Unrealistic expectation

We've known many people who made overnight fame out of their social media accounts. However, that doesn't occur most of the times. So, don't expect that your social media account can gain many bookings in an instant. Don't be too obsessed with the number of followers or subscribers on your account, because there are many factors that contribute to your success and you must work on all of them!

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