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7 top client-gifting guides for all wedding professionals

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For many business owners, client gifting is an act of appreciating clients for having trusted their services. It also serves as a classic mean to build solid relationship and emphasize branding in the minds of the clients so they would quickly recall the brand anytime in the future.

As a wedding vendor, it is not an obligation to constantly be gifting all the clients you have ever had after. Most times you would be doing it only for the first one to two years and discontinue afterwards. However client-gifting is a simple after-service that you can provide to build loyalty while indirectly doing marketing. Before gifting your clients, make sure you understand their personalities and preferences so the gifts would be appropriate and well-thought of . You should be able to figure this out after meeting them many times before their weddings.

7 guides to finding the right gifts
As the message of gifting is about "We thought about you, we care about you", what you give should at least be useful to them. Keep in mind that different people have different likings hence needing different things. So, here is a list we have gathered of the types of people most commonly found to make your gift-hunting easier:

  1. Adventurous
    If your client is the outdoor-sy, adventurous type, give them something that could be an added-value to their experience. A ticket to go bungee-jumping or sky-diving would be great and unexpected, however if you're looking for something that could be used immediately you can opt for a set of skincare products (think of water-resistant sunscreen, after-sun gel, bug repellent, overnight sleeping mask, etc.) or create a personalized adventure kit consisting of pocket knife, portable stove, hammock, etc. Be as adventurous as they are when looking for the gifts!

  2. Book lovers
    Even if you think everything could be found online, some stuff are read better in books. Find a book that is useful for your clients' current circumstances instead of randomly picking it. If your client is an expectant mother or just gave birth, give her motherhood or childhood related books like the best-selling Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman or the What To Expect series by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel. If you have health-nut clients, skip the normative recipe or fitness book and give them lifestyle stories such as Wheat Belly by William Davis or The Honest Life by Jessica Alba. Eventually, the choices are endless because there is always a book for everyone!

  3. Health junkie
    At the first glance you can tell that your client is a hard-core health enthusiast! Give that client either health or fitness-related items to support their commitment. Look into moisture-wicking yoga mats, waterproof duffel bag, BPA & PVC-free water bottle, or even a book on making DIY herb garden for the conscious eaters. Don't forget to slip in a note of encouragement because keeping a helping regimen can be tough too!

  4. Cooking mania
    Whether it is a bride or a groom, one of your clients is bound to love cooking! Source useful (and unique) cooking utensils from a specialty store and a cookbook for the occasion. If your client is a global foodie, we recommend Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi. If the client follows clean-eating guides, try It's All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow. Do you have a chef extraordinaire in your list? Consider sending a package of raw ingredients together with a cookbook for some home-cooking challenge!

  5. Munch Monsters
    They are often seen restaurant-hopping or pushing a trolley full of snacks in the grocery store. For this type of clients, food is their ultimate pleasure. As they seem to know better about the latest restaurant opening in the neighbourhood or snacks to die for, you would think it is difficult to find anything for their taste buds. Don't worry and start with the basics! You can send them a pack of artisan jams and cookies from a local boulangerie for a quick morning sugar-rush or a bottle of fine, aged wine to sip after a tiring day. Pretty simple necessities that everyone can appreciate!

  6. Animal lovers
    So your client has an animal kingdom? Look no further than the pet store for high-nutrient foods and an automatic pet-feeder or visit a luxury pet shop to find cute pet cushions, chew toys, or engraved leash. It also gets more lovable if you can find pet clothings that matches your client's favourite comic book characters.

  7. Busy-nessmen & women
    Busy, busy, busy! Particularly for those ultra busy clients, find gifts that would help them save time in between their numerous plans. Who doesn't need a coffee every morning? Get them the latest Nespresso instant coffee makers and the coffee capsules in different flavours so they can multitask . What time of the year is it? If it is almost year end, put together a pen and a couple of planners to help them get through the new year smoothly.

Sending a gift goes a long way, leaving a piece of you in your client's' memory. Do you have other client-gifting ideas to share? Feel free to leave your comment below!

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