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7 Ways to Help Brides or Clients in Distress

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It's impossible for brides not to feel anxious or stressed at some point in wedding planning. With the many experiences in weddings, you should know a thing or two on how to help them. Helping these brides can also be beneficial as it helps getting your job done!

1. Keep calm

First thing's first, don't let yourself be stressed out or anxious. The worst kind of people for people in distress is people who complain about their own anxiety. So, do not feed their anxiety and help them walk through it!

2. Be resourceful

One of the best ways to deal with stress and anxiety is to breakdown the problems into smaller chunks. When the clients are ready, ask them what exactly is stressing them out, then offer some insights on that issue. For instance, if the source of their anxiety is mostly financial-related things, perhaps share an article or insider tips on how to deal with it. That will surely be well-appreciated!

3. Focus on what you can do

Every anxious and stressed people think about what they should do and what they should have done. But most of those thoughts aren't really useful, especially if you're dealing with things that you can't change. Remind clients that there are still things that they can do that they should focus on. This will ignite a sense of optimism and help them see the progress they've made.

4. Personal tips

Not all things you say to clients have to be business-related. You can offer kind words, anecdotes, or some wisdoms you've heard that you think can give them a sense of reassurance. Kind gestures will leave a lasting good impression!

5. Suggest them a time off

As a vendor, you know very well that there are things you can work on and there are things that you just need to wait for. When you know there's nothing left to do for the day or week, it's wouldn't hurt to suggest to your clients to take a time off and do their preferred leisure activities before the business strikes again!

6. Talk to other parties

Only when the clients approve, you should consider keeping in touch with other parties than the couple themselves. Perhaps talk to a parent, maid of honor, or wedding planner about things that do not require the bride or groom to be involved in first hand. A soon-to-wed couple can only take so much at once, they need help!

7. Remind them of the happy thoughts

Wedding planning can be stressful, but let's not forget that these two people are getting married to someone they love. Every client has in mind the idea of getting married and live happily with their partner, but amidst all the business, the happy thought fades away. Remind them of it and maybe you'll draw a smile on their face!

Any effort in helping a client is already another step forward to good impressions and wonderful experience. So, be there for your clients!

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