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8 tips to surviving the new algorithm on Facebook & Instagram

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Over the past few years, there has always been something different about Instagram and Facebook, both in appearance and navigation. This means that the algorithms of these two social media have changed frequently. Audience growth leads to changing trends and social media will also improvise with algorithms to increase the attractiveness of their platform.

instagram's new algorithm

Based on research from the Digital Marketing Strategist team at Bridestory, here are some new things regarding the latest Instagram algorithm:

1. ranked feed

If the previous feed appeared chronologically, which means the most recent upload is showed at the top, the Instagram feed has been changed based on ranking. Ranked feeds is based on the account's engagement (the average number of likes and comments). Then, the Instagram algorithm will decided which content merit at the top based on the user's behavior. This ranking is determined by three aspects of the user, which are relationship (follows, tags, comments), time (latest upload), and interest (preferred content topics, such as fashion, weddings, celebrities).

2. multiple posts (carousel)

Although Instagram has never stated that multiple posts are prioritized, however, according to Hootsuite, multiple photos or videos can generate three times engagement and almost two times better reach.

3. video content

Based on the @thebridestory account which has more than 900,000 followers, videos that are uploaded, whether on feeds, Story, or IG TV, results a better engagement.

tips surviving the new algorithm of Instagram

As the owner of a wedding business account, your existence on social media is absolutely necessary to increase brand awareness that might affect the sale of your products and services. Here are some tips to boost the performance of your Instagram Business account.

1. Use all of Instagram features (feed, Story, Live, TV, Shopping, Guides) to find out which ones are the most favorite among your audience. For example, if your audience tend to fancy IG TV, you can maximize the content in this feature, so that your account engagement will hike up.

2. Upload content at prime times, such as 9 a.m., 12 p.m., and above 7 p.m. to compare which one generates the most interactions.

3. Use hashtags, but don't be too much to maintain the effectiveness. Apply hashtags that are unique and related to your brand so that, even if the reach is smaller, they can attract more relatable and potential audiences.

4. Maximize organic engagement tools, such as Instagram filters, polls, questions, gifs, and others.

5. Keep in mind authentic engagement, like replying to comments and direct messages, re-post, add to Story, and so on.

6. Take advantage of Instagram Ads to maintain the visibility of your business account progressively and maximally. For starters, you can set a budget of US$3 per day for 3 - 7 days. Within two days, you can get the insight data and see the effectiveness of the ads you make. We recommend selecting 'more messages' as the objective, so that you can count how many direct messages you receive from Instagram ads.

7. Learn Professional Dashboard. Instagram Business has a dashboard that is quite simple and comprehensible. You can immediately see how many likes, comments, etc. are based on each content and over time.

8. Always explore and innovate with the content you create. Pay attention to what's trending and produce contents based on your brand identity, so that your feed is always interesting and attractive.

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facebook's new algorithm

The increasing popularity of Instagram and TikTok unfortunately has made Facebook an ineffective social media for a business account, especially when Facebook's algorithm has changed significantly since 2017 to fight hoax and hate speech. Since Facebook focuses on content interaction, the visibility of Facebook Pages is decreasing in the news feed. Users, who own a Facebook Page, should try their best to make the page's feed accessible to their audience and potential consumers. In addition, compared to Instagram and TikTok, Facebook's algorithm is less effective for trading ecosystem.

What can wedding vendors take advantage of by having a Facebook page? If you have a site or blog, share content regularly from that link. It can improve the existence and the brand awareness of your business. It may not guarantee a significant sales conversion, but it's effective enough to spread the word about your business to a wider audience.

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