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8 tips to surviving the new algorithm on Facebook & Instagram

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New year definitely comes with new changes, this is a definite yes coming from Facebook and Instagram - two of the major social media networks to this date. If you haven't realized, Facebook has recently shared that they have created a new algorithm for their News Feed. To top it off, it's been discovered that Instagram, too, has adopted a new algorithm for the Feed. As many sources say, this becomes a challenge for many business account owners. Brace yourselves as we uncover these new changes and how can you survive from them, so keep scrolling below!

The New Facebook Algorithm
Let's start with Facebook, whose daily active users is 1.4 billion on average, the most-used social media among all-ages to this date. Their recent algorithm update was the most talked buzzed topic this new year by not only businesses and medias but also personal Facebook users. Through an official statement released by Mark Zuckerberg - Founder, Chairman and CEO of Facebook, that he intends to increase social interactions amongst Facebook users. Seeing the spike of Pages (official business accounts) crowding many users' News Feed, he expresses that the News Feed "should encourage meaningful interaction."

Here's a glimpse of what Zuckerberg shared via Facebook:

"..., we're making a major change to how we build Facebook. I'm changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.

We started making changes in this direction last year, but it will take months for this new focus to make its way through all our products. The first changes you'll see will be in News Feed, where you can expect to see more from your friends, family and groups.

As we roll this out, you'll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media. And the public content you see more will be held to the same standard -- it should encourage meaningful interactions between people."

Read full post here.

If you're wondering why the change in algorithm? This is due to fake news spreading around Facebook, especially during the US election in 2016 where hatred messages were viral. Thus, this pushes Zuckerberg and other Facebook executives to push forward in creating a new algorithm to counter this issue. Nonetheless, this change is imminent. Business, publishers and medias will have to adapt and find solutions to ensure their contents can still reach their customers and potential consumers.

How does this impact wedding vendors?
With the new algorithm changes, it has got most brands and publishers tails on fire. This means that they need to spend more on Facebook Ads, needing to amp their digital marketing spending. Otherwise, posts from business accounts or Fan Page will be pushed down, so your postings may not reach to your audience. But what if you can't afford investing a chunk of your income? It could be a major challenge, but it can be overcome. Wedding vendors will have to find a way to evolve with this algorithm change by utilizing the weak spots of this algorithm.

The New Instagram Algorithm
Up next, the visual-centric Instagram! Although there are no official announcement from the company itself, many has been speculating that there's a new algorithm update which could be can be seen, or rather felt, by many Instagram users. Instagrammers felt the difference, having discovered that their Feed has mixed up, seeing posts from the past 22 hours to even past 6 days. Hence, confirming the buzzing guesses of both personal and business Instagram account owners.

According to many media sources, here's what happens in the new Instagram algorithm:

  • When you share a post, Instagram will show that post to 10% of your audience
  • If within the first 10 mins the post receives a strong engagement - either likes, comments or direct shares, Instagram will share to the rest 90%
  • Moreover, if it continues to do well, it can be featured in Explore section

How does this affect wedding vendors?
For wedding vendors who heavily relies on Instagram for their self-promotion or simply awareness, we could say that this is going to affect your engagement. As a matter of fact, you may find that some of your posts are doing badly than others. Because as mentioned, if a particular post is doing well, it's probably because the content is liked by your followers; and what happens when they like your content? They tap the 'love' button (heart shape) by double-tapping your image or video, which prompts Instagram's algorithm to release that post to rest 90% of your followers. This means that not all your posts reaches out to your followers, which is unfortunate. And to top it off, your followers may think that you didn't update your Instagram unless they open your profile.

Tips to Survive the Algorithm Changes
With all these new changes, don't fret just yet as we prepare some solutions that will help you beat the algorithm and survive your way through the social media world. So without further ado, read the tips below to counter the algorithm change.

1. Real human engagement
From what we deduce, Facebook wants their users to have more social interaction with their families, friends and close ones. Now how does that imply to wedding vendors? A more humane engagement over promotions is a solution. Avoid posting too many promotional contents or only your portfolio, it does not encourage the engagement the algorithm wants now. So instead, make an initiative to share a little bit about yourself, your company, what's behind it. Your followers will appreciate knowing what's your team like and the nitty-gritty aspects of your business.

2. Good content is still key
What sparks a good engagement among your followers on Facebook and Instagram is whether the content you posted is suitable and related to their liking. Whether it's an image, a video or event an artwork, we encourage you to post contents your followers enjoys and relatable. On top of that, knowing that the attention span of a human being is … seconds, the popular quote, 'less is more' is applicable for making a good content. Keep it short, simple and sweet. Another trick is to create an interactive captions to go with your content so it's spark engagement - be it likes, comments or shares.

3. Maximize your Stories
The best thing about Stories is that it's in chronological order! One trick that we observe is some uses their Stories to share a sneak peek of their latest post. What they'll do is: take a screenshot of their profile feed, put it in their Stories, blur the latest post, and hit the share button! But what's more, while you're wary of sharing 'ugly' pictures on your feed, you can maximize your Stories to share some of your work-in-progress, how's your day going and if talking about business, share your promotions or packages. With Stories, you can do everything!

4. Go LIVE!
We're serious, try going Live! It's better than regular postings, and it's both available on Facebook and Instagram! You can check which followers from the two accounts are more active and choose that one to go LIVE. Use your normal postings or Stories and tell your followers that you're going LIVE and what you're going to do in it. Some options include sharing your behind-the-scenes, a mini tutorial on how to make a flower crown for bachelorette party or even as simple as talking about how's your life being a wedding vendor. This engagement means a lot, it instill a personal relationship with your followers and which could lead to loyalty.

5. Learn how to make Ads
There's some speculation around the web that these algorithm change, especially on Facebook, is more of Facebook's effort to encourage businesses to spend their money on Ads, so that their post will show up in users' News Feed. This also goes for Instagram. So for you who can afford to spend a little (or more) budget for digital marketing spending, learn how to make effective Ads on Facebook and Instagram. It'll give your the extra boost of awareness to your brand or any promotions that you're doing.

6. Post when your audience is active
This tip is especially for Instagram, since they said they'll first show it to 10% of your followers first, so it's best when you post during when they're active on Instagram. For instance, during commuting hours! It's the best time for people to scroll through their Instagram feed and tap that 'like' button. A surprising fact we found is that when people just wake up, they don't only check for messages, but also their social media accounts. So ensure that you're posting your contents during the times where your followers are at their peak active time to chase for that maximum engagement.

7. Don't forget the #hashtags
Hashtags go way back when it used to be one of the effective marketing trick on Instagram. However, as time goes by, we see less people using hashtags. In fact, if you use 30 hashtags, it'll be marked as spam. So most businesses go for using 10 hashtags or less, just to keep it relevant and not a sore in the eye to see abundance of hashtags clumped into one space. It's also a great idea to use your very own hashtags. For instance, a vendor named 'Amore Photography' can use #capturedbyAmore as the signature hashtag.

8. Establish close-knit relationship & community
Wonder why this tip is also relevant as a solution to algorithm change? Well, if you establish a close relationship with your followers, including past clients and friends, they're your support group that'll help create engagement in your contents. Similarly, take this opportunity to create a community. We're talking about making the community as a support group to help you boost your content engagement. Not only that, you can also ask their suggestion about the contents they'd like to see, so you'll upgrade your contents and make them relevant and enjoyed by your followers.

With all these changes, we're also unsure as to how it impacts the social media marketing for everyone. Because not only it impact big businesses, but also small ones like you, a wedding vendor. Thus, we're hoping that with these tips, you can manage to persist and efficiently make the most out of the two biggest social media networks.

What do you think about these algorithm changes? Share your thoughts about it and your own way to surviving them.

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