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A Guide to Upgrade Content Creation on Instagram

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Don't we all use Instagram as a marketing tool to promote ourselves? For businesses especially in the wedding industry, it's the constant flow of beautiful photos that brands a business that keeps the followers coming. It's a sort of digital portfolio for the followers to look and eventually creating business leads for vendors. Thus, if you're not clearly communicating your brand, you can lose them too. Hence, the need for wedding vendors to learn how to properly brand themselves on Instagram by delivering the right contents to their followers.

But it all starts with understanding your brand and its identity first. Who are you, who are your audience, and what's your signature style? These questions can lead you on the road to learning about your brand in-depth. Also, uncover the appropriate methods that go with your branding. Only then, you get to review your Instagram account and the contents, which eventually leads to properly branding your business on Instagram.

Your Instagram: Reviewed
With a better understanding about your brand, it's time to review how are you currently running your Instagram account. Revision allows room for improvements helping you modify the contents that you've been sharing, after realizing that you've creating and sharing contents far from your brand identity. So, without further ado, let's get your Instagram reviewed!

  • Your branding colors.
    Usually businesses have their own choices of branding colors with messages they'd like to convey. Colors, as you know, have their own meaning. So when you find out that the colors you've been using imbue a negative message, perhaps it's time to review the colors and pick the ones you intend to use that is able to communicate your brand.
  • Your grid vibes.
    Let's take an example of a wedding photographer's Instagram account. A photographer would have their signature filters and therefore the overall grid of their Instagram that gives a harmonious grid vibe. However, if your grids are still messy, splotches of dark here and bright there, you can start to rectify it by planning what sort of vibe you'd like your followers to feel or see.
  • Your post and purpose.
    What photos or posts do you tend of post often? Is it mostly final works, or more of behind-the-scenes? There are some vendors mixing both contents, and it's fine. However, do take note of the purpose of your account. Is it to promote your business or simply a medium to share your work? Content matters, so you have to carefully caption your photos with the right message.

Your Instagram: Upgraded with The 5C's of Content Creation
Now, let's go through on how to upgrade your contents to help it brand your business on Instagram. It is without doubt that when we're referring to branding on Instagram, it's all about the grids, and in those grids lie contents with the creation behind it. For a better branding, there's essentiality of learning how to create contents; what messages to convey, which picture is pleasing and how often should the communication be. Thus, here we breakdown the 5C's of content creation as explained by Paige Boersma on Planoly Blog.

1. Color
Do you realise that colors are so expressive that they can convey a message to those who see it. It's an effective method to communicate your brand, so find the suitable colors that suits your brand. Review your grids and see which colors you often use, if you think the current colors represents your brand, all is well! What's left is maintaining the color scheme of your Instagram feed.

2. Content
Promotional, behind-the-scenes or educational post are some common categories wedding vendors share with their followers. Furthermore, the styling of the content should be paid attention. It's about finding the right balance so your followers are treated to an assortment of contents that will not bore them yet are engaging.

3. Clarity
What do you use your Instagram for? In content creation, it is crucial to be clear and concise with your intentions. As a wedding vendor, you may use it as a portfolio for your followers to see, or it's can be a combination of your work sneak peeks. As long as you have a balance content mix and a definite aim for your Instagram, your Instagram account is well branded.

4. Composition
Though not much of a significant aspect, it's an added effort from your side to have an upgraded content on Instagram. It's the placement or arrangement of visual elements for the subject. Have you heard about 'rule of thirds'? Those who are well-taught about photo editing are at an advantage, if not don't worry. It's easy to learn.

5. Consistency
This is a must! Now we're left to maintain the consistency of all the aspects discussed above. Consistency is key to create an upright branding and communication on Instagram. So it's not only the contents but also the frequency of your postings, too.

BONUS: 3 Must-Have Apps for Instagram
With the ever-growing applications for Instagram, there are many of those that deserves some shoutout especially for the visual-centric Instagram world. It's definitely help some wedding vendors who are new to the scene. Let's take a look below!

  • Planoly
    Business owners relying heavily on using Instagram constantly probably have heard of this post-scheduling app. For wedding vendors who are constantly on-the-go with little to no much time to post photos real time, this one's for you! There are a variety of plan choices, you might just find the right one for you.
  • UNUM
    We're pretty sure that most of you may not hear of this app. It's an app that helps you plan photos your grid. On the first use, you'll be prompt to link your Instagram account, and you'll see several (usually nine) empty gray boxes. You can add photos on the grey boxes and evaluate whether the photos are aligned or whether the color tone matches. This app allows you to also track your engagement on Instagram, too!
  • VSCO
    Who doesn't know this holy-grail mobile photo editing app? Besides available for free (though you need to pay for special filters), it's an app that you can use without needing to know Photoshop 101. You can also resize, adjust tone and give your photo a little touch up to make it look insta-worthy!

With this, we hope that you're attracting the right customers through your Instagram. Not only that but also produce the right and fitting contents for your followers. Do you have a special trick or two on sleeves about Instagram branding? Share yours on the comment box below!

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