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An interview with Elantier, the purveyor of luxury wedding gifts

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Elantier is a prominent favours and gift wedding vendor based in Jakarta, Indonesia. They are known for its fragrance and oil based products that can be customised based on the preferences of both the bride and groom. This time around, we got a chance to interview them to find more about the premium wedding market.

Origin of Elantier, house of gifts
Elantier was founded by six friends who are passionate about wedding and gifts. It started with their own experience in wedding planning as brides-to-be and also as wedding designers. Sally Joseph, one of the founders and owner of Tea Rose Wedding, said that they notice there is a lack of curated and luxurious wedding hampers and bridesmaid gift sets in the market, therefore they decided to establish Elantier, house of gifts.

Distinct products with personal value
They started off by offering custom wedding souvenirs such as room & linen spray, soaps, and candles before providing fragrances as a keepsake for their wedding guests. All of them are made-to-order to maintain the quality and personal value of their wedding souvenirs.

Educating clients to pick the right scent
To create a customized fragrance, it is indeed important to educate the clients first regarding the many scents available to choose from. For this, clients are usually asked to smell each of the five favourite scents first before picking their favourite mix. Or, for those who live further away, the team would send descriptions with stories behind each fragrance. The Elantier team reveals that sometimes they do receive odd requests, however they make sure all clients have consulted their preferences at least 6 months prior to the big day to ensure .

Targeted marketing strategy
The Elantier team has a rather unique way to promote their specialty. Instead of aggressively marketing through endorsement, they grow the business organically using their own personal social media accounts to post pictures of Elantier products. From here, they first target their service to a niche group of people before finally building a loyal following that seek their quality products. Now, they also produce a limited number of ready-stock products and distribute them to a premium department stores in Jakarta while also relying on the Bridestory platform to connect and share product information with brides-to-be.

Product presentation, exclusivity, and purpose
Being a vendor that focuses on the premium market, keeping up with the latest wedding trend requires flexibility and good taste. The team explores a variety of packaging options to improve presentation and maintain exclusivity of their products. The team reveals that wedding souvenirs these days need to serve a purpose for the guests to reflect the intimate essence of a wedding.

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